AlphaGo – The Movie | Full Documentary

[heartbeat thumping] [stones rattling] [stones clacking] [tense music] [stones rattling] [Frank]It’s intensely contemplative.It is almost hypnotic.[rattling]It’s like putting your hand on the third rail of the universe.If you play Go seriously, there is a chance that you will get exposed to this experience that…is kind of like nothing else on the planet.[Frank]Go is putting you […]

El juego del go: Filosofía sobre un tablero. 2ª parte: Cómo se juega

THE GAME OF THE GO: PHILOSOPHY ON A BOARD PART 2: HOW TO PLAY Like life, go is easy and difficult both. Understand, really, what it is the game, it takes some time; but in about few minutes can be explained and learned what it takes to start playing. To understand how to play, we […]

63rd NHK Tournament Cho Sonjin vs. Yukawa Mitsuhisa

Hello everyone. This is the 63rd NHK Television Go Tournament. I am the moderator, Nagashima Kozei. This is the 12th game of the first round. Starting with B block This is the game between Cho Sonjin 9 dan and Yukawa Mitsuhisa 9 dan. Please enjoy. After the nigiri, Cho Sonjin will go first. Komi is […]