Secrets – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

You know sometimes it’s nice to just shut up and let the game have a few words [ssssshhhh] [clatter] [plink] [flutter] [rattle] because if you’re anything like me, that’s a sweet sweet song Are you anything like me? I think I’m getting weirder doing this job. I think I need to stop before I **** […]

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 17.01.2020

Welcome back to the second episode of TWiG aka This Week in GWENT aka your weekly dose of highlights from the world of The Witcher Card Game! It was a slow week, but we have a couple interesting highlights, so let’s jump right into it! This week we’ve updated the prize pool distribution for GWENT […]

Sims 4 Trivia – Hidden Depth of Movies and Video Games

Let’s look at a few Sims 4 mechanics related to fun that are surprisingly deep given how simple they would appear to be on the surface. You won’t make great use out of this info it’s just kind of cool to know that it’s there. First, Movies. One of the many ways to have fun, […]

Undaunted: Normandy Review – Sharp as a Box of Bayonets

Oh, hi there, I was just grieving for some of my dead soldiers in hit new World War II game “Undaunted: Normandy” A game that was pitched to me by my friends at the publishers as a group of guys tried to complete missions and they get shot and have names and it’s sad 🙁 […]

Exploring The Galaxy || Star Citizen Gift Card !giveaway!discord

Trivia Game: Speaker Recommendations!

hi viewers today we are joined by one of our favorite sales executives who’s been with Eagles talent since 2004 and is an expert on recommending the perfect speaker for any event Christie Wilson firstly thank you so much for going up well thank you for having me so today’s Tuesday tip is gonna be […]

👀 HIDE AND SEEK CHEATER?! | The Minecraft Life of Alex and Steve | Minecraft Animation

I’m serious. They call me the hide-and-seek champion! Champion? Hah. More like cheater. Ehh, champion sound better. I’d challenge you to a game but.. we both know I’d win. Wouldn’t I, Alex? Isn’t that right, Alex? Yes, it is. Yes, I would. Yes, I would. I’m so good at hide-and-seek. Oh yeah? Prove it. Haha- […]