YOU vs DOOMGUY – Could You Defeat Him? (Doom Eternal Video Game) || FUNNY ANIMATION

You’re really in need of a nice vacation, but travel today can be so expensive, so you opt for the next best thing. You read about this company, Union Aerospace… something, and they’ve got openings for security on some super secure research lab they’ve got set up on Mars. Well, looks like someone’s beat Elon […]

Wolf family | Wolfoo Plays Hide and Seek with Mystery Iron Robots

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Hi everybody and welcome back to the Nerd Shelves my name is Michael and today we’re going to be doing something a little bit different we’re not going to be talking about an actual board game but I wanted to talk to you about my table mat I’ve had some comments about people asking how […]

Wolf family | Wolfoo Plays Hide and Seek from SWAT Team

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How to play the Snake & Ladder game to spend quality time with kids during COVID-19 lockdown

hey guys I’m Arnav Shah and myself Angel Shah. we will teach you some main tips of snakes and ladders so let’s be started we want to use dice and two pawns so which one is yours? mine it’s this yellow. Mine is the green my favorite color so we would keep here to a […]

Cash Explosion March 28, 2020

>>Hello, I’m Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. For the latest information on Coronavirus, please go to or, if you have questions, call 1-833-4-ASK-ODH. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>Hi, I’m Doctor Amy Acton, Director of the Ohio Department of Health. To prevent Coronavirus spread, simple things make a difference. Wash your hands frequently often, do cough or […]

How Well Do We Know Each Other? | Quarantine Games | Quarantine Series | Mad LA

Frosthaven | Playthrough [Part 2] | slickerdrips

Grocery Shopping Around the World During Quarantine

– So because of the lockdown the government issued a travel ban for all public transportation. So the challenge here now is how to get to the supermarket. It’s almost three miles going there. So if I don’t get me a ride, I’m gonna have to walk. (upbeat music) – What does going to the […]