YOU vs DOOMGUY – Could You Defeat Him? (Doom Eternal Video Game) || FUNNY ANIMATION

You’re really in need of a nice vacation, but travel today can be so expensive, so you opt for the next best thing. You read about this company, Union Aerospace… something, and they’ve got openings for security on some super secure research lab they’ve got set up on Mars. Well, looks like someone’s beat Elon […]

Hacker Traps Rebecca in Tunnel System! (Funny 24 Hour Song Challenge Music Video at Home)


Hi everybody and welcome back to the Nerd Shelves my name is Michael and today we’re going to be doing something a little bit different we’re not going to be talking about an actual board game but I wanted to talk to you about my table mat I’ve had some comments about people asking how […]

Game overview – the unoff. Marvel co-op card game “Superheroes of Renown”

This video will provide an overview of the unofficial Marvel cooperative card game: Superheroes of Renown. It’s worth stressing that, again, this is an unofficial game. It’s free – made for fun and enjoyment only. Okay. In this game, each player controls a hero – or perhaps a villain if so preferred – attempting to […]

Frosthaven | Playthrough [Part 2] | slickerdrips

Upcoming Pc Turn-Based Strategy Rpgs | April 2020 Releases

Commanders of Valor is a strategy, role-playing tabletop game. Set in the last two centuries before the common era. Players can take control of a royal family of three factions and lead them to glory. The Lock ’n Load Tactical series is a dynamic squad-level tactical combat computer game based on the award-winning board games […]

Frosthaven | Playthrough | slickerdrips

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | Journey Launch Trailer

Geralt is coming to GWENT, and he’ll arrive in style! Over the next three months, with every round you win in any match, you’ll progress under our new Journey leveling system! Everyone will gain access to the free tier of this system that replaces crown rewards. Purchase access to the premium tier to immediately unlock […]