How to Play Pokemon Trading Card Game : Where to Get Pokemon Cards

Let’s talk about some other ways that you can get cards, other than just in the starter deck. The second great way to get cards is through Pokemon packs. The packs have nine to ten additional game cards. There’s all different sets. Here I have a couple diamond and pearl sets, and one Crystal Guardians, […]

Earn $10 in Paypal from Playing Quiz Games! (Quizdom)

For proof of withdrawal on August 15, i received my payout $10 usd with $0.74 USD transaction fee. In total, i received free $9.26 USD! How to earn free paypal money from answering trivia and question games? Whats up everyone! My name is Aiza Mercado and I’m back again to share new app where we […]

How to Play Pokemon Trading Card Game : Types of Energy in Pokemon TCG

Let’s talk about Pokemon types of energy. Now I have heard a lot of you going types of energy, what the heck are types of energy and what does it have to do with the game? Basically just like we eat or drink a Pokemon uses energy to fuel its body to use its attacks […]

How to Play Pokemon Trading Card Game : Using Different Decks in Pokemon TCG

Part of the fun of Pokemon is that it is a collectible card game. A lot of you might look at the amount of cards that you could amass over quite a bit of time and you think what the heck am I going to do with all these cards? Well the fun part is […]

How to Play Pokemon Trading Card Game : Attacking in the Pokemon Card Game

So I am ready to attack with my involved Stage 1 Wailord here and I have got enough energies on him to use his rely on friends. It is very important to read the bottoms of the attacks and not just look at the number that they do of damage. For example this attack does […]

Stephen Curry ANKLE BREAKER COMBO – Crossover Moves | Snake

Stephen Curry Ankle Breaker – Crossover Moves I’ve gotta Stephen curry ankle breaker combo for you today! Jesse Muench here with get handles com make sure you watch entire video I gotta SICK combination move for you in this video alright so this isn’t necessarily 100-percent like I saw stephen curry do this in a […]

How to Play Pokemon Trading Card Game : Setting up a Pokemon Card Game Match

Let’s talk about setting up to play. The first thing you are going to want to do is take your deck and give it a good shuffle. I like to shuffle like this. You can also just sort of shuffle like this and something that is always very polite to do is I usually ask […]

How to Play Pokemon Trading Card Game : Pokemon Leagues & Tournaments

What I’d like to talk about now is a little bit about something that Pokemon offers as a company. Offers something for the Pokemon Trading Card Game called Leagues and Tournaments. The best way to find a league or tournament in your area is to check on They’ll usually have a listing of places […]

How to Play Pokemon Trading Card Game : Starter Decks & Getting into Pokemon TCG

So let’s talk a little bit about who plays Pokemon. I have seen everyone from five year olds come to play to 30 to 40 year olds. Parents really like it if they get into it with their children. I myself am a young 30 years old and this is y Pokemon collection and yes […]