Chess Match: Carmeliaz (832) vs jrobi (831)

Hello everybody we are going to go through another game here and debrief it. I am jrobi and I am black. And it was a good game, it has a nice castle attack on there. And we will go through that and see what happened. So the opening is pretty standard here. Four Knights come […]

World Chess Champions before Magnus Carlsen.

This is a video of great chess players that became Classical World Chess Champions and also FIDE World Chess Champions that inspired and impacted current generations of modern chess with their style of play, theories, principles and lifestyle before present World Chess Champion, Magnus Carlsen. The FIDE world chess champions came up because Garry Kasparov […]

Grandmaster Chess Blunders #1: Can you spot the mistake?

Hello everybody it is jrobi. I wanted to do kind of a fun video series here, get it started off. I’m going to put these out here once in a while. And it is going to focus on trying to find the mistakes that Grandmasters have made in the past. And thankfully they make mistakes, […]

Grandmaster Chess Tactics #7: Can you spot the line?

Hello everybody it is jrobi. I have another Grandmaster Chess Tactics video that I want to do today. And it is based around a game played by Henrik Danielsen. For those of you who don’t know who Mr Danielsen is he is a chess Grandmaster from Iceland. And he is the only [the first] chess […]

Chess Match: Zaphodbln (1056) vs jrobi (817)

Alright, hello everybody. I am just going to walk you through one of my games here that I had on the Free Internet Chess Server. We are going to go through move by move. You are definitely going to see some mistakes, but there was some good play to be had here as I am […]

Chess Match: jrobi (825) vs Xeqm (912)

Okay, I am just going to go over a little game here where I am going to highlight critical errors by both players. Well, not critical by both but really basic errors and this is something that, you know, new chess players really they have to get used to working hard to avoid making mistakes […]

Draws in Chess

in this part I would like to represent you to type of trolls in chess there are six different type of trolls a draw is worth a half point to each player while the victory is were pumping to the victor and none to the playing losing the game the first type of toy I’m […]

The Greatest Chess Game Everyone MUST Know

Hi and welcome into the lesson “The greatest chess game everyone MUST know”. Millions of games have been played during over the history of chess, but there is only very little percentage of games that will be the most influential, most important and most instructive. And every aspiring chess player just MUST know these few […]

Chess Lesson: How to Defend Fiercely when Under Attack

Preparing for bishop fiancetto Preventing his dark bishop going to g5 Opening a square for knight development Taking his h5 pawn will only activate his rook and dark bishop diagonal Developing my knight It is unwise to take his e5 pawn as it opens the d file while my king is not yet castled Waiting […]

Grandmaster Chess Tactics #5: Can you spot the line?

Hello everybody it is jrobi again with another Grandmaster Chess Tactics video I’d like to do. And this position actually took place in a game between Magnus Carlsen and Levon Aronian in the recent Bilbao 2008 chess tournament. And Magnus was playing white in this position and it is white to move. Now the tournament […]