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Read off the screen, people. ChapGuy295 here with Read off the screen, people. Do you want to play competitively but no one remembers the score? Is it because no one is willing to be the umpire? You guys know what to do here. Introducing the new Cimple Cecore Counter! Upon the first look, you might […]

How to Make a $10k Pair of Shoes from Scratch: The Shoe Surgeon

Final Move | Thriller Film | Drama | HD | English | Free Youtube Movie

– [Reporter] In breaking news the body of Chris Marse has been found. He is believed to be the eighth victim of the serial killer popularly known as the chess piece killer. Each victim is found with a chess piece nearby, the calling card of this sadistic murderer. While the FBI have declined to comment […]

The Wait | Full Length Movie | Crime Film | Drama | Italian | English Subs

This goal is pointless. They’ll never catch up with us. Pertini said so, too. Who cares? I just hope we’ll be done soon. I’m off to America in a few days. Look. This guy got rich with trade and an amusement park, in New York. I’m sorry. I’ll just go. If all goes well, in […]

Masha and The Bear – Hide and seek is not for the Weak (Episode 13)

Hey, Bear! Hello-hello! Ah! He’s hiding. I found you! I found you! I did find you! Knock-knock, Bear! Now you look for me! Come on, come on! Go and face the wall! You can read your magazine later. But don’t you peek now! I’ll hide so well, you will never find me. Now find me! […]

Zatoichi and the Chess Expert 1965

A DAI EI CO. LTD. PRODUCTION ZATOICHI AND THE CHESS EXPERT Original story by KAN SHI MOZAWA Screenplay by DAISUKE ITO Starring: SHI NTARO KATSU MI KIO NARITA, CHIZURU HAYASHI, KANEKO IWASAKI Directed by KENJI MISUMI Excuse me, boatman, how much is the fare to Miura? The fare? Exactly what the sign says. I just […]

Snake Fakes Death With Oscar-Worthy Performance

COMM: In Texas, photographer Kenneth came across this hognose snake. This particular serpent has distinctive characteristics. It has an upturned snout and stout small body that only grows up to 120 cm in length. COMM: But this snake is perhaps best known for its rather surprising, yet effective defence mechanisms. COMM: When the snake feels […]

Summer Interlude (1951) Ingmar Bergman

DIGITALLY RESTORED IN 2017 SUMMER INTERLUDE 12:00 DRESS REHEARSAL SWAN LAKE AND PETRUSHKA Parcel for delivery. For Miss Marie. I’ll see to it. I’ll take it. I’m seeing her now. – Name, please? – Nyström, features editor. Hello? Hold on. I have someone here. What paper? – The Year Round. No reporters today. It’s dress […]