War Card Game : War Card Game Rules: Breaking a Tie

So of course since we’re playing with a finite number of cards and they only have thirteen different values, it’s not uncommon for a war to come to a tie. So what do you do? Well, what you do goes like this. We’ve each thrown out an ace. You threw out the prettiest card in […]

War Card Game : War Card Game Rules: When to Wage War

Let’s make sure we know when you go to war when you’re playing the card game war. Well, it all starts with I throw out a card and you throw out a card and the highest one takes it. Now aces are high in war. So an ace beats a queen. You take that. You […]

War Card Game : War Card Game Rules: Variations

You know what being a sort of a colloquial game there are different rules amongst different communities. So let’s look at a couple of different options for how to wage war. You know most of the videos that are in this series, we’ve done this. We’ve done one, two, three, and then put a card […]

War Card Game : War Card Game Demonstration With 2 Players

To make sure we know what’s going on with the game of war, let’s play it heads up. I’m just going to give you half the deck and me half the deck, and we’ll start going. A card from you, a card from me, you play to nine, I play to six. Nine’s higher than […]

War Card Game : How to Play the War Card Game With 2 Players

Okay let’s make sure we know how war is played heads up – two player. I’m going to cut the deck in half so you don’t have to watch me shuffle, and you’ll play this side and I’ll play this side. How about that? So the first thing we each do is throw out a […]

War Card Game : How to Play the War Card Game With 4 Players

Let’s look at how you play war four player. Well, the first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to deal out the cards evenly to you and your three kids. Or heck, to you and your three frat brothers. However you want to do this. Sometimes in life, even as adults, the game […]

War Card Game : War Card Game: A Round of War

Let’s look at an example of a round of War. Now, in poker, we would call a two person game, Heads Up, so this is Heads Up War. The way that it works, is I throw out a card, you throw out a card, and the higher card takes the trick. In other games, we […]

How to Play – Solitaire Accordion Card Game

Hey guys it’s Carrie Anne from EverythingMom and I’m sure you’re no stranger to solitaire. It is a great card game that you probably played on your computer when you should be working but I actually came across a different type of solitaire game. It’s actually my new addiction. I’m sharing it with my kids […]

War Card Game : War Card Game Rules: If Player Runs Out of Cards

Alright, here’s a question for you. What do you do if you get to a war situation where you’ve thrown out the same value card as your opponent but your opponent is short stacked as far as the cards go? Well, there are three options and I would suggest that you choose the option that […]

War Card Game : How to Play the War Card Game With 8 Players

Okay, how big a war is too big? Well, we’re talking about the card game, you know, let’s leave the actual war and the politics to other people. That’s not what this is. How big a card game war is too big? Technically, any even number that divides into 52 is an acceptable game of […]