Snake vs. Roadrunner Face-off | National Geographic

[mysterious music] NARRATOR: The tongue of western diamondback rattlesnake cautiously tastes the air. She flicks airborne particles against the roof of her mouth to be analyzed, sorting out potential food from potential threat, like this other icon of the Old West, and he’s hungry himself. The roadrunner is a tough old bird. You have to […]

HiDE N SEEK At Night! / That YouTub3 Family

Eavesdropping on chess players | “Street Scenes”

(noisy street music) – You can use it any way you want as long as you know the syntactical structure and grammar. It’s called theory, like chess. You don’t know your theory in chess. – But don’t you think by getting into the technicalities of the words, you’re missing out on the idea that you […]

Never Play Hide and Seek “Manhunt” at 1AM (SCARY)

Crap! That’s them. That’s them! Crap, I’m so dead. *pulls over* *DUUUUM* *record Scratch* What is up guys? Today we’re playing a game called man hunt We have to be a little quiet because it’s midnight, and we’re in a residential area. We don’t want to wake the neighbours so manhunt is a game involving […]