Promoting Indonesia: SPIEL 2019 (board & card games) feat. Dimas Wisudawan [SUB INA & ENG]

Hello everyone ! With us is my colleague, Dimas Hi ! How are you? Fine thanks. Are you doing fine as well? Yes, always super Thank you so much for your time With pleasure However, before we begin, I must ask you You can speak Bahasa Indonesia right? Of course! Of course! I was afraid […]

BONK von Game Factory, Brettspiel

It’s fast! It’s frantic! It’s fun!

Essen 2015 – jeu Portal of Morth – Abba games – VOSTFR

you sorry Simon the redirects newsom ice and pour avoir in something personal all set sir estando Abba games just feet away q Buster land and a twat co-designer portal of moles hi Buster how are you doing hi I’m very well thank you very much so are you one of the designer of portal […]