Melissa McCarthy Battles Kelly Clarkson On ‘Gilmore Girls’ Trivia

Trendy @ Wendy: March 23

(upbeat dance music) Hey, everybody, Makho Ndlovu here. I have some amazing beauty finds that I want to share with you. These ones come to us from our friends over at RueLaLa. Let’s get started with the first one. It’s from Proliss. This is the Proliss Professional Hair Tools Set. Now, this high-quality, three-piece set […]

[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] the endless present giver JONGKOOK(ENG SUB)

-Do you like honey? – Yeah! This is pack honey Open it! Why can’t you open it? There is are scissors, scissors! Wow! Here are scissors! (Cuts for them) You’re using scissors?! What’s wrong with the scissors? You never took out that for us! He never let them use No, I just gave them scissors […]

[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] Human stepping stone! Protect JIMIN! (ENG SUB)

Each team’s Queen will be stepping across the male stepping stones FAIL, if she falls into the water (Start ->Finish in the blue sea water) (The Queen needs to get here to succeed) What does ‘150,000 won for additional team member’ mean? Part timer! Who is it? After playing the game, you will know why […]

TOY STORY But Really Really Fast – Animation

Today is a good day to- human *thrbt* To have my limbs contorted in subservience of an other isn’t that right toys? – Oink! – Roar! Ahh, scribble, or whatever The new toys are coming, red alert! Have no fear! No toy will be replaced- Especially not me, the toy who will definitely not be […]

Kelly Clarkson Is Officially Most Aggressive Player In ‘Hollywood Game Night’ History

– Take it away Jane. – All right darling. Now Kelly, I am going to ask you a series of questions. – [Kelly] Yes. – About Texas! – [Kelly] Oh god. – Taking it easy on her because you should probably know all these. – Wait, what? I haven’t lived there in a while. Okay. […]