27 British and American word differences

Tell me about that lady’s hair. She has bangs. And I’d say she has a fringe. English is a strange language. Bangs. Fringe. You liked our last video about British and American words so Super Agent Awesome is back with me again…. Yeah! … to make another one. Yeah! Now, here’s a car and what’s […]

Spies Must Die. Snake in the Grass. Episode 2. Military Detective Story. StarMedia.English Subtitles

You fell short of my expectations, Kuzmenok. You cracked. Mister Wald, listen, I… well, I, honest to God… You’ll go to your God very soon. Only I doubt he needs such scum. Charge! Mister Wald, wait! Wait, I really didn’t mean to! I’ll work it off! I’ll serve it off! You know me, I’ll serve […]

Spies Must Die. Snake in the Grass. Episode 1. Military Detective Story. StarMedia.English Subtitles

Belarusfilm STAR MEDIA presents 1944. 25 km away from Zhitomir I’ve been living here for 20 years already. Settled here after I married. So, I know the vicinities pretty well. There, behind the cutting. You sure? Sure, there. I repeat, the kids of the farm went fishing and saw their plane. And two parachutists coming […]

Peppa Pig Play Doh Surprise Eggs Peppa Pig Muddy puddles

Today, on Surprise and Play How about we make some … muddy puddles! It’s Peppa! George This is mommy pig and this is daddy pig Oh no! What happened? Surprise and Play! Are we ready to play? Yeah! Hi! It’s … Oh … Orange Green Another green and brown About orange … O.K. and I’m […]

What does magnesium silicate mean?

What does magnesium silicate mean? magnesium silicate. Noun 1. (inorganic chemistry) ; The salt MgSiO3 that occurs naturally as talc, asbestine, gymnite, meerschaum and, combined with other salts, as many other minerals

Karam – New Social Short Film With English Subtitles | Double Click | 2019

What’s the problem with him? He’s been creating unwanted nuisance I am so scared to allow our daughter out nowadays * indistinct chatter * Don’t these problems have an end ? Life, it itself is the biggest problem. Amid our day to day routine life, take a pause, and look around you, be it a […]

【玩具開箱#11】小朋友的過年十八啦骰子玩具~FOOD超人親子桌遊&蛇棋遊戲(小小朋友們可以很”和平”玩的遊戲)|Snakes and ladders|蛇と梯子

先來一段熱身舞 Warm-up dance ウォームアップダンス 親子桌遊&蛇棋遊戲 Snakes and ladders 蛇と梯子 今天要介紹的是FOOD超人親子桌遊&蛇棋遊戲 I want to play “Snakes and ladders” 私は“蛇と梯子”を遊びたい 可以發揮動作發展、思考力、觀察力 It can help action development, thinking, observation 行動の開発、思考力、観察力を助けることができる 它有一個趣味轉盤 There is a fun turntable これは 楽しいターンテーブルです 小朋友的十八啦骰子玩具 Children’s dice toys 子供のサイコロのおもちゃ 我現在要來開箱囉 I will open the box. 箱を開けましょう 這個遊戲毯是50*60公分 The game mat is 50 x 60 […]

Why renewables can’t save the planet | Michael Shellenberger | TEDxDanubia

Thank you very much. When I was a boy, my parents would sometimes take me camping in California. We would camp in the beaches, in the forests, in the deserts. Some people think the deserts are empty of life, but my parents taught me to see the wildlife all around us, the hawks, the eagles, […]