Special Pawns!

Wait, what’s this? Another endgame? But, I keep taking away big pieces? That’s right! We’ve learned the “King and Queen Mate”. We’ve learned the “Rook Roller Mate”. But would you believe you could checkmate with just a pawn? In some ways at the end of the game a pawn is even better than a bishop […]

Chess Lesson: How to Beat a Chess Master Series – 20

Castling for safety Preventing his bishop to g4 square Activating the rook Bringing the knight to attack A triple piece attack to his f7 pawn Targetting Queen to g7 hitting his rook Threatens to capture his rook Threatens Queen takes rook at f8


Think about how many times in our existence we said phrases like: I can’t do it A pile – up of fears, changes of mind, worries, mesmerized by a chimera whose fangs have been around our neck for too long. Defenceless and unperturbed towards the sequence of our choices, we lost our certainties, piece by […]

Chess Lesson: How to Defend Fiercely when Under Attack

Preparing for bishop fiancetto Preventing his dark bishop going to g5 Opening a square for knight development Taking his h5 pawn will only activate his rook and dark bishop diagonal Developing my knight It is unwise to take his e5 pawn as it opens the d file while my king is not yet castled Waiting […]

Escola Xadrez Ourense – “Chess in English” – The pawns

hello welcome to xadrezourense.com I am David González Gándara and this is a Chess in English lesson today we are going to learn how to move the pawns the pawn is this piece here this is a white pawn and each player has eight pawns the first move that a pawn can make it can […]

Learn How to Play Chess in 10 Minutes

Hi everyone this is Jerry from the ChessNetwork. I’m a National Master in chess from the state of Pennsylvania and this is a video on how to play chess. This is the initial setup whenever you’re ready to go ahead and play a game of chess. What we have on the bottom of the board […]

How to play Chess? | Shatranj kaise khelte hai

Special Chess Rule: En Passant; Basic Chess Lesson, Tips Tutorial – Pawn Moves, Ampasant Ampersand

Hello Chess Friends, Welcome to Chess Talk! I’m Jeetendra Advani. We all know how to play chess. We know how the various pieces move on the chessboard. But there is a special chess rule that not many chess players are aware of. In fact, I was surprised to see even some highly rated players not […]

How to Play Chess: Rules for Beginners: Learn Game Basics, Board Setup, Moves, Castling, En Passant

If you want to learn how to play chess, then this is the video for you. I will show you how to setup the board and all the different rules of chess like how the pieces move, pawn promotion, en passant, castling, checkmate, stalemate etc. I will teach you everything about chess. At the same […]