‘Game of Games’ Favorites Play ‘Danger Word’

There’s a brand new season of my Game of Games starting January 7th. But as a special treat, we’re airing one final new episode from last season tonight at eight o’clock on NBC. Here are three of my favorite contestants from last season. Very nice meeting you. Please don’t make me do this. Please don’t […]

Fan Gets a ‘Split Second’ to Win $10,000!

Each of those buttons are for your hands. You’re going to choose your left hand or your right hand, depending on your answer. All right? Here’s how we play. We’re going to put 60 seconds on the clock, show you two pictures, for instance, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, then I’ll say something like, which […]

Ellen Puts a Fan Under Pressure in ‘5 Second Rule’

Hey, did you all watch the big game? [AUDIENCE CHEERING] Yeah, yeah. I’m talking about Wheel of Fortune, of course. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Boy, there’s a lot of pressure when you’re on TV and you’re doing a game, especially the TV, it makes it even more pressure. And you know time is running out and you […]

Inspiring Mom Wins Hardest Game in Daytime TV!

If there’s one thing I know, it is that my friends at Shutterfly love giving money away to deserving people. If there’s another thing I know, it’s that I love playing games that are nearly impossible to win. That’s why today, Shutterfly is sponsoring the hardest game in daytime television, Holey Roller. [MUSIC PLAYING] Sophie […]

First Celebrity Edition of Ellen’s Game ‘You Bet Your Wife’!

Oprah and Ellen Answer Ellen’s Burning Questions

[music playing] Oh, hey, there. I’m here with the one-and-only Oprah today. We’re both in the hot seat to answer my burning questions. Favorite smell in the world? Gardenia. Lemon and eucalyptus. Favorite word that begins with O? Rio. [laughing] That doesn’t begin with O. – Oreo. – Oreo! Oh, I thought you said Rio, […]

Hubba Hubba Quiz Quiz: Rehearsal vs. Real Live Show

[hip-hop music] [epic music] [wolf whistle] [player piano music] It’s time to play our first ever Hubba-Hubba Quiz-Quiz. Let’s bring out our contestants! [upbeat music] [cheering] [upbeat game show music] Hi. Hi! You’re Matt? Yeah. You’re Frankie? I am. You would be Matt. That’s my name. Yes, and you would be Frankie? Correct. What founding […]

Contestants Get Dizzy in a New ‘Game of Games’ Episode

It’s an honor, honestly, to be filling in for Ellen. I can’t believe she hosts, not one show, but two shows, right? She also hosts Game of Games. I decided– right? Isn’t that something else? I decided to guest host this show because, that other show, it’s so mortifying. But I can’t not watch it. […]

Too Hot for TV: Demi Lovato and Ellen Play 5 Second Rule

[music playing] All right, we’re back with Demi Lovato, who revealed that she is working on an R-rated version of the Disney film Camp Rock. So we’re going to play a special version of Five Second Rule. [music playing] All right. Ellen, what are three things you shouldn’t do in a movie theater? [ticking] Oh, […]

Ellen Quizzes Pharmacy Student with Messy Game

Last month we played a game called Bucket o’ Dreams, or Bucket o’ Ice Creams, and we met a pharmacy student that I could not forget. Take a look. Carli, where do you live? What you do? I live in Memphis, Tennessee, and then I’m a pharmacy student. I see. No money. No money at […]