Horrific Ways People Have Been Eaten Alive

There are literally hundreds of ways your life can come to an end. Disease, accident, natural causes or maybe dying in your sleep to mention a few. Most of us try to avoid thinking about it, but if we do, the one thing we would probably agree on is that however we meet our death, […]

Baby Plays With Python

COMM: Seeing a Burmese python coiled around their baby would be a nightmare for most parents, but for snake handler Jamie Guarino, it’s simply a show of affection from a beloved family pet. Jamie: Alyssa, is that a snake? Are you playing with a snake?! COMM: And the father of three from Michigan, USA, is […]

Snake Eats Pet Dog

Somewhere inside this snake is the family dog, nothing more than an evening meal for the 16-foot long python in Queensland, Australia. He swallowed the beloved pet, a Terrier Chihuahua cross, in one go. Right in front of its owners, a boy and a girl aged 5 and 7 and their mother, who attempted in […]

CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN CHALLENGE | Eating Challenge #FONDUE #Funny #Kids | Aayu and Pihu Show

Hi friends see what is this chocolate fountain. Today we are going to do the chocolate fountain challenge Interesting things will come we have to dip it in the chocolate and eat Did your mouth started watering ? So let’s start the challenge. My mouth is watering so much. Laughing Come on Mom got it […]

Miama Ŝarko | La Plej Stulte Amuza Ludo Iam Ajn

Hello everyone, this is Evildea, your god. And today I will play “Miami Shark”. Well, according to my friend, it is a very good game, and I will enjoy it, because maybe it has sharks. It is strange. He saw a shark game, and he thought: “Hmm, Evildea should play this.” What? Do I like […]

Mystery Wheel of Food Challenge! *SLIME CAKE* Learn How To Make DIY Sour Switch Up Oobleck Food

– It’s a slime cake! – Aaahhh! – And you– – Oh! (glass shattering) – Oh no! – Why? – You killed the mystery wheel of slime challenge. – Dude, we were gonna eat that. – What’s wrong with the cake? – Why? – Oh no. Well, luckily we’ve got some mystery wheels so right […]

This Rare Cheese Is Infested With Live Maggots

(mellow music) – [Narrator] On the Italian island of Sardinia, there’s a delicacy that has been consumed for thousands of years. It is known as the world’s most dangerous cheese. Yeah, you heard right. (mellow music) Meet Simone Ibba, a third generation sheep farmer. – [Narrator] Casu marzu literally means rotten cheese, and it’s not […]

Sushi 🍣 + Play Chess (Family Vlog+challenge) = Суши + шахматы ♘славно поиграли #Dуэлянт🔫

0: 00: 01.360,0: 00: 03,360 Hello! 0: 00: 03.360,0: 00: 06,560 You channel Duelists 0: 00: 06.560,0: 00: 08,560 and what will happen today, you will learn today 0: 00: 09.960,0: 00: 11,540 Hello! 0: 00: 11.540,0: 00: 12,249 we are happy to see you 0: 00: 12.249,0: 00: 15.150 friends 0: 00: 15.159,0: 00: […]