How Pep Guardiola Improves His Players

“The intention is not to move the ball,” Pep Guardiola once said. “Rather, it is to move the opposition.” The Catalan coach is a master of controlling games through complete domination of the ball, but it’s not something his teams pick up overnight. It takes constant work on the training ground, and high levels of […]

Checkmate in the opening #5: Chess history

London, England 1964 Someone named “Dutch” is playing white John Sugden is playing black Sicilian opening The Smith-Morra Gambit The queen is the first piece to deploy The d-pawn is the target The knight is pinned Knight unpinned with check The knight is deployed and check blocked Take the pawn and attack the pinned knight […]

Chess Openings – Dutch

Hello again, and welcome to Today’s video is all about the Dutch Defense, which begins with the moves, pawn to d4 and pawn to f5. With this aggressive move, Black aims to stop White from playing the move, e2 to e4, and he also hopes that later this F pawn will turn out to […]

The Love for Wood (chess documentary 1979 – ENG subs)

THE LOVE FOR WOOD GM Jan Timman GM Jan Hein Donner († 27 nov. 1988) I believe it all starts with the love for wood When those shiny pieces are standing in front of you, it’s hard not to touch them. But you may not touch them, as in chess the rule is: touching is […]

Chess openings – Stonewall Dutch

Welcome back to! Today’s video we’ll get a chance to take a look at the Stonewall Dutch, a formation for black arising out of the Dutch Defense which begins with the moves pawn to d4 and pawn to f5. With the move pawn to f5, black takes control over the e4 square and limits […]