Artifact 2 – It is coming

Hi folks, I am Divok, and welcome back to the Artificer’s Guild, the home of all things Artifact. Our long haul is over, and we can finally come out of hibernation. Valve has officially announced the return of Artifact. So lets take a peek at what has happened. Yesterday, March 20th, a post was released […]

Artifact | Learning The Basics Of Valve’s New Card Game

Hey everyone realterror here with Akshon Esports. In this video we’ll be going over some of the basics of Artifact and help you gain a better understanding of the fundamentals before you dive into the game. Artifact is Valve’s take on an online digital card game inspired by Dota 2. While there may be some […]


Hey everybody! in this video I am going to share with you guys my best tips and the strategies I have been using to win almost every single game in Chess TD. This is the final synergy that I have been using in all my games in which you can always complete if you follow […]

Blue Span Immortal Dota 2 ROAD TO TOP 500

You think you can escape? – Funkefal Plays Monkey King

Stay right there please -I wıll stay on the hill so they wont rep around I am running from here Go start fighting, I am on my way I am almost there Mirana is also there but we can fight When poison ends, i will be there I am here -He started with arrow -Turn […]

Команда разработчиков / Новая игра / Мессенджер – Обновление CS:GO + Steam + Valve

Всем привет ребят, у микрофона снова Максим и сегодня мы быстренько обсудим недавнее обновление кс го, новую игру и мессенджер от валв Также в этом ролике конкурс на 5 подарочных долларов в стиме, чтобы поучаствовать, просто подпишитесь на канал, поставьте лайк и напишите комментарий указав любую удобную для вас соц. сеть. Результаты предыдущих конкурсов, в […]

Auto Chess Guide | Die 5 häufigsten Fragen von Anfängern beantwortet! Deutsch / German

[INTRO-MUSIK] Einen wunderschönen guten Tag! Hier ist wieder Cirouss und willkommen zu meinem nächsten Auto Chess Video! Da mir im Stream immer wieder die gleiche Fragen gestellt werden, die sich einfach immer wieder wiederholen, dachte ich mir, ich mach mal ein Video dazu und beantworte einfach mal die häufigst gestellten Fragen. Speziell von Anfängern, aber […]

The Glorious Dota Auto Chess Experience

Oh Welcome, my children! Back for some more story, I suppose? Well, do I have a story for you today? It’s about a little boy named Crispy in the mysterious world of AutoChess Hey, yo, so you guys know Dota AutoChess is trending new game that all the cool kids play Did you catch up […]

Elon Musk’s ‘Dota 2’ Experiment is Disrupting Esports in a Big Way – No Playing Field

They asked this question and they had this knowing smile. They said, do you think you’re going to win? (Music) I assumed that it had to be good. Otherwise, they wouldn’t seem so confident. I was pretty nervous but, I mean, I was excited just because of the implication, right? – On Monday, the bot […]