“Trading Races” Is The Blackest Card Game Ever Made (HBO)

— Trading Races is a new party game, where players argue about what it means to be black in America. It’s awkward. And fun. Dexter Thomas went to Chicago to try it out. — There’s been an interview out with Kenan and everybody else who’s been on SNL. Kenan has been holding that show together […]

Cobra in the Kitchen | Snake City

So, I’m going to lead you guys into the room. No worries. SIOUXSIE: And we’ve got an audience. SIMON: Thank you. SIOUXSIE: Oh, you really have stripped it out. SIMON: Yeah. SIOUXSIE: And it’s in the room on the right. It might be that side, yes. SIMON: The room over there or– WOMAN: I’ve been […]

How Do Playing Cards Make Money?

Playing cards were invented in China sometime around the 9th century. And it would be a long journey to get to the 52 card deck we have today. In the 14th century the predecessor to modern playing cards spread from Egypt to Italy and Spain and later to Germany before eventually ending up in France. […]

Bill Gates gets super lucky playing cards! | Netflix

– [Davis] So my, I have no hope of winning. – Let’s see, what’s a perfect card for you? No, you have no hope of winning. (both laughing) Oh, you’re doing really well. Look at that. (cards slapping) Pounce. – [Davis] What? You got that. War, see, I’m betting, this is a game, like, I’m […]

Jani and Esa in World Amateur Chess Championships in Greece 2015 1/9

Hey! This is Esa Ahlqvist. And this is Jani Havumäki And this is: Jani and Esa in World Amateur Chess Championships in Greece 2015 -chess documentary Hey! Where are you going? Die! YES Simba! You are alive? Hahaha.. We have arrived in Greece. – Yes and I bought some wine. – You bought some wine. […]

Simon vs. Rock Python – Episode 2 | Deadliest Snake Encounters

ok let me take flight instructing me it’s not get a phone call about a snake suspected python and we get this area and it’s a big tunnel the people that were living there said how can we kill the snake and I said no no please don’t kill the snake by just touching my […]

Vine Snake Up a Tree | Snake City

Jani and Esa in World Amateur Chess Championships in Greece 2015 5/9

The Golden Dawn of Greece is the best thing I know. I own 4 cigarettes to the chief arbiter. I have to pay them back. Dr. Lubinstein! It’s me! Dr. Lubinstein. Did you know that foam comes from ancient Greece. Let me bathe in peace for I am naked. Halfway! Woooot! Silly women, cleaning doesn’t […]

World Snake Day is Sssomething Ssspecial | Nat Geo WILD

[music playing] NARRATOR: Since prehistoric times, people have both revered or feared snakes. Snakes are masters of disguise, skilled hunters, and excel at surprise attacks. Only a small portion of snakes are dangerous to humans. Most don’t deliver venom in their bite. World Snake Day provides a chance to better celebrate these sneaky serpents, some […]

4K CC. Collared Lizards & Cactus Fun with Reptiles, Amphibians USA CA AZ NV UT NM TX Herping HD.

lol omg OK come grab the pole K don’t jerk him don’t jerk him ok Alright We got this little baby Collared Lizard Man he’s feisty He just keeps trying to run for it Alright Yeah He’s a little cute guy Oh oh he’s running away again He’s pretty feisty we’re gonna let him go […]