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Floyd Mayweather Jr – Career Perspective

This is Rummy’s Corner. So this episode is inspired by the Complete Championship Profile on Floyd that I released a few months back. The final championship record for Floyd Mayweather Jr consisted of 26 contests, with 26 victories, 0 defeats, 0 draws, and 10 of those 26 victories coming by way of knockout. And the […]

Inside the Hypnotic Art of Card Juggling

(light upbeat music) – [Dan] It’s like a symphony of manipulating and spinning and flipping the cards in your hands. It’s like each move inspires the next and you’re not even thinking about it. The cards are dancing between the hands, they’re spinning around, they’re flipping over, they’re doing things you wouldn’t even expect them […]


(insects chirping) (birds chirping) (lighthearted music) – I would start with, chess is a thinking game. – Chess is a game of skill. – Even though it looks boring, doesn’t mean it is boring. – It is a great game. – It’s my favorite game also. (water splashing) – You have materials, pieces. – 16 […]

Snake vs. Roadrunner Face-off | National Geographic

[mysterious music] NARRATOR: The tongue of western diamondback rattlesnake cautiously tastes the air. She flicks airborne particles against the roof of her mouth to be analyzed, sorting out potential food from potential threat, like this other icon of the Old West, and he’s hungry himself. The roadrunner is a tough old bird. You have to […]

Snake v. Bat | World’s Deadliest

NARRATOR: In a world full of dangerous serpents, one particular snake stands out– the eyelash palm pit viper. [dramatic suspenseful music] These serpents aren’t known to be friendly. They don’t welcome intruders, and their defense is deadly. [dramatic suspenseful music] This is a snake to watch out for, if you can. It’s so good at […]

The Black Lotus

Marv Albert: … Between the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz and for more on these two clubs let’s check in with Ahmad Rashād! Rashād: Alright, thanks Marv. At 3:30 this morning, Michael Jordan woke up with flu-like symptoms—he had a stomachache and a headache and he couldn’t go back to sleep. He threw up […]

Table tennis documentary “I am Michiel” – Official full movie | young table tennis player

I am Michiel. I am 12 years old… and I follow my heart. I fight for my dream. Sport is my life. In the beginning I was very shy. All my friends played soccer but… that did not feel like my thing. The first matches I played weren’t great, I lost everything. I did not […]

How to Make a $10k Pair of Shoes from Scratch: The Shoe Surgeon