How to Play Five Card Draw

How To Play Five Card Draw. Texas Hold ‘Em became all the rage in the U.S. in the 1970s, but before that, Five Card Draw—first made popular during the Civil War—reigned supreme for more than a century. You will need A standard deck of playing cards Poker chips or money to bet with and a […]

HACKER GIRL UNMASK HIDE & SEEK CHALLENGE – PZ4 Will Do a Face Reveal if We Win Her Game

– PZ4, we know your name is Regina, and your mask is falling apart there. Everybody wants to see your face, so I think you need to take that mask off ’cause you’re not with Project Zorgo anymore. – You wanna see this face right here? – [Chad] Yes. – Yes, everybody wants to see […]

SPY NINJA DAX DEFEATED in HACKER BATTLE ROYALE (Hide & Seek Challenge with PZ9 for Vy Qwaint Phone)

– What up Spy Ninjas Now that VY has joined Project Zorgo, I’d like to introduce you to our newest member of the Spy Ninjas. – [Spy Ninjas] Dax! – Welcome here Daniel, Regina. – Yeah yeah – Hey spy losers I have this sinking feeling that you guys already forgot about VY’s phone. I’m […]

DIY Mario Kart the Card Game! Free game and giveaway!

I’ve always had a fascination with games and gameplay. Growing up I played lots of video games, board games, and playground games with family and friends. As an adult, I have large board game and video game collections, and I love to pass on my love of games by playing these with my wonderful nieces. […]

Card Game Picks Our Slime Challenge!! How to Make DIY Giant Mystery Slime

– Hi I’m Hope. – I’m Noah. – And I’m Eden. – [Kids] And we’re the Super Hero Kids! – So we’re going to be playing a slime game using Taco Cat-Goat Cheese Pizza card game. So how it works is we have some slime materials. And there’s different cards obviously. There’s a taco card, […]