Trivia Game: Speaker Recommendations!

hi viewers today we are joined by one of our favorite sales executives who’s been with Eagles talent since 2004 and is an expert on recommending the perfect speaker for any event Christie Wilson firstly thank you so much for going up well thank you for having me so today’s Tuesday tip is gonna be […]

Steve Void & BEAUZ – Hide And Seek (ft. Carly Paige)

Let’s turn off all the lights, Draw the blinds and all the curtains, Let’s lose track of the time, I’ll sneak off and you’ll come searching. I’m gonna run, gonna hide, where you’ll never find me, Find me. I’m gonna run, gonna hide, see if you can find me, Find me. So close your eyes, […]

Understanding unconscious bias

The unconscious mind is amazing. It can process vastly more information than our conscious mind by using shortcuts based on our background, cultural environment, and personal experiences to make almost instantaneous decisions about everything around us. The snag is it’s wrong quite a lot of the time. Especially on matters that need rational thinking. Here […]