HIGHLANDER MAGE OP! EZ LEGEND! RIP AGGRO! Hearthstone Descent of Dragons – INB4 Ashes of Outland!

like I did with scary aggro players I used to be afraid of them until I realized they were just misunderstood hey fat ass give me a wallet I could give you my wallet but what I think you really want is love it’s true I’m taking your shoes you might’ve just got highrolled RNG […]

Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Ep. 497

Hearthstone Funny Plays 282

sooner or later he’ll kill one of my Pack Leaders most important is hyena surviving this is the most important the main minion here is hyena see if I’m lucky will be “funny” if he’ll kill me no! not there! fine ah thanks, yeah… ok we won here, right? ouch Ouch OUCH! WHAAAAT? what was […]

Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Ep. 492

Hearthstone Funny Plays 281

14/12 I don’t want to sell I have to sell this one WHAT THE FU… he thought it’s explosive trap F*CK NO NO! and buff hydra, right? WAAAAT? I chose hydra, hello game!

Carbot – Hearthstone Battlegrounds – Keywords and New Cards

Hey guys it’s me your best friend! Welcome back to another Hearthstone Battleground. In this video we’re gonna talk about Keywords and new unique cards that are only found in Battlegrounds. First you want to make sure you understand all the Keywords from standard Hearthstone. Understanding these is key to making your army can work […]

Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Ep. 489

Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Ep. 486

Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Ep. 484

The Most Ridiculous Streamers Predictions: The Best Cards from the Descent of Dragons | Hearthstone

Hello my friends. My name is Bot Mathematician, and this is Holomancer. And of course, I am the Daring Reporter Dora. We are very glad to see you all again. A fair amount of time has passed since the release of the new expansion and the nerf that followed it. New leaders arose in the […]