Yes or No for Not?!?! Was Mom Being Rude?

roo-roo your help or not No get your nose we’re not done tell me more one page don’t pick on someone okay Milo you are very rude this is looking some answers done no you are being really really really well chill out okay you’re being pretty bossy where you learn that from hey remember […]


Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Today I’m hanging out with my friend Justine! Justine: Hi! Ro: I love this girl! She’s so sweet! Justine: I love you! Ro: She’s one of my favorites! You guys, I’m gonna put her links down below Ro: go check ‘em out, go say hi to her, be like, hey […]

I Spent the Night in my Ex Girlfriends House & She had No Idea… (24 Hour Challenge)

I’m a stocker I wish keira was my real girlfriend I NEED HELP Now I live and will die alone I wish I had a life Guys she left me at home for the remainer of the week. Kara not cleaning up after yourself. I’m really not surprised guys. It doesn’t always she’s in here. […]

Mystery Box Challenge: Snake Or Puppy

(puppy barking) – Alright, whatever animal is in my box, is it looking at my hand right now? (ominous thump)(upbeat music) – So today we’re gonna put our hands into boxes and one of the boxes has a puppy and one of the boxes has a snake. – I don’t know which is the reward. […]

Playing Snake The Game (

What’s up guys today we are going to be playing Slitherio i.o I dont know, how do you pronounce this can someone please tell me, is it Slitherio, Slither io, or just slither I don’t know basically this is exactly like the snake game I used to play when I was a kid […]

Cute Kitty Grows To World’S Biggest Domestic Cat!

Is that photoshopped? That can’t be real! These are questions commonly posed to StephyHirst of Melbourne, Australia, who is the the owner of Omar. Omar is a Maine Coon, a breed of domestic cat known for growing especially large. In fact the current world-record holder for the world’s longest domestic cat is also a Maine-Coon […]


Hey whats up guys? It’s J. I am J. And I am here today to give you some lighting tips ( TV noise ) Today I wanna show you some concepts that I used to light this scene Right now as you can see, this scene is completely over-exposed grainy and it doesn’t look cinematic […]

Real Carrom

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RWBY Chibi, Episode 21 – Cinder Who? | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Chibi! Ruby: Weiss, Weiss! Look! I got us friendship bracelets! Weiss: [sighs] Alright Ruby, put it here. *sounds of metal clinking* Weiss: [ ! ] Ruby: [Shivering] Weiss: My dearest Winter, My time at Beacon is going well thus far. Unfortunately, I was not selected to be team leader, But worry not! Our team […]


Hey guys, it’s Ro! I got some more requests from you guys to play more games, so that is exactly what we’re going to be doing today. I love crime solving shows, anything with mystery and detectives, and NCIS is one of my favorite shows, I’m currently watching season 14! And, I just found out […]