Try Not To Stop Cheering Challenge | Cheerleaders Really Cheered For THAT?

– You’re adorable! You’re, you’re adorable! – He’s growing! Yes! – I feel really depressed! I’m not gonna lie! – (FBE) So Alexis, thanks for coming in today and joining us. – Hi. – (FBE) How long have you been cheerleading for? – I have been cheerleading for five years now. – I cheered from […]

Urban Table tennis EVER

Kelly Clarkson Is Officially Most Aggressive Player In ‘Hollywood Game Night’ History

– Take it away Jane. – All right darling. Now Kelly, I am going to ask you a series of questions. – [Kelly] Yes. – About Texas! – [Kelly] Oh god. – Taking it easy on her because you should probably know all these. – Wait, what? I haven’t lived there in a while. Okay. […]

Jon Hamm Still Holding Grudge For Losing Game Against Elisabeth Moss | Extended Cut

– But you ran into, recently, (laughing) your Mad Men co-star Jon Hamm, right? – Yes, at the Independent Spirit Awards. Yeah. – Yes, okay, okay. So he looks a little upset in this picture. – Yeah, I’m really not sure what exactly what he… – What’s happening? – I’m not sure. He looks mad […]

Can 4 Guys Beat A Poker Champion? • The Try Guys: 4 Vs. 1

– Can four normal ding-dongs beat one poker pro? We’re gonna find out. – I will call anything you bet. Ned, Ned! – I’m all in. – Oh my god! She was just lying to us! – [Zach] We’re going all in! (all yelling) – As long as our expert isn’t Asian then I’m fine. […]


(insects chirping) (birds chirping) (lighthearted music) – I would start with, chess is a thinking game. – Chess is a game of skill. – Even though it looks boring, doesn’t mean it is boring. – It is a great game. – It’s my favorite game also. (water splashing) – You have materials, pieces. – 16 […]

SPY NINJA DAX DEFEATED in HACKER BATTLE ROYALE (Hide & Seek Challenge with PZ9 for Vy Qwaint Phone)

– What up Spy Ninjas Now that VY has joined Project Zorgo, I’d like to introduce you to our newest member of the Spy Ninjas. – [Spy Ninjas] Dax! – Welcome here Daniel, Regina. – Yeah yeah – Hey spy losers I have this sinking feeling that you guys already forgot about VY’s phone. I’m […]

Bradley and Holly play hide & seek with an unsuspecting family 🙈🏃 | Take Off with Bradley & Holly

Finally! What do you mean finally? I’ve been stuck in traffic. Come in. All right. Got a lot to do. I don’t doubt that. I’m having a cup of tea first, though. We’ve got no time for tea. Get yourself in. Move, quick. The reason we’ve got to be quick is cos his family are […]