Diamond Viper VLB: $550 Windows 3.1 Accelerator Card

[jazztastic jazz music] Greetings and welcome to an LGR Thing! And today I felt like playing around with some early 90s graphics cards, with this Diamond Viper VLB being my primary inspiration for doing so. Lately I’ve been benchmarking the LGR Woodgrain 486 PC, which really just means screwing around with random parts and playing […]

Outlast 2 (pt3) Playing Hide and Seek

What’s crackin fam its GK and I’m still hiding here in the basement and outlast – now in the last episode we saw a large lady with pickaxe possibly kill my only friend in the game so far so let’s go ahead and just get the hell out of this basement and hopefully not get […]

Ozzy Man Reviews: Honey Badger vs Python vs Jackal

Welcome to fight day. Here we have a python doing python-y things to a Honey Badger. There’s a big bastard in the background that has decided to stay out of it. He’s enjoying his plant-based diet. The Honey Badger is muttering “are ya sure you wanna commit to this fight? Do you know who I […]

Exploring The Galaxy || Star Citizen Gift Card !giveaway!discord

The Lost Art of Creepypasta Games

I feel like I always preface my videos with this statement, but no matter how many times I repeat it, the statement in question doesn’t get any less true. If there’s one genre that has followed this channel and all its viewers for the longest of minutes, it’s probably the horror genre. People love to […]

Resident Evil 7 Gameplay part 7 Two Keycards & Snake Key PS4

hi guys so welcome back to my channel of jokes okay MuRF life my name’s Joseph so welcome back guys to my channel of you also get my flight guys so welcome back like a bag uni like a Mac alright guys so this is where I left off we got um a letter bomb […]

Alizé Cornet and British table tennis champion Darius Knight play Tennis In The Sky (cc subtitles)

How did 14-yr-old Harimoto beat Mizutani? — TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

During the interview, Jun Mizutani said: “Out of his 12 consecutive years, today’s final was the most difficult.” And he said if Harimoto could perform 100%, it would be impossible for him to beat Harimoto. He said in a kind of yielding way that he had won so many victories before Harimoto came He almost […]

Rage Quit – Rockstar Table Tennis | Rooster Teeth

*Achievement Hunter and Rage Quit intro* Table Tennis? You’re here to whack some balls? Who wants me to whack their balls? I’ll whack the shit out of them! Look at these fucking guys. There is a fierce competition going on, oh- Oh just- Fucking overhead view there. There is a crowd of literally DOZENS of […]

MODDED SNAKES | Slither.io #7

*Wapoosh* Top of the morning to you laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Slither.io! I wasn’t gonna come back to the game, because I felt like I’d done as much as I possibly could with it, that I wasn’t getting any better at the game, and I wasn’t really gonna get a […]