TALK LIKE THE ANIMALS | Riddle Transfer 1

Top of the morning to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to Riddle Transfer! There were some more games in between, I think. But there was a lot of confusion over the last episode because I did Riddle School 4 and 5 in the last episode. I put them all into one ’cause […]

Mega Man 1 – Part 1: Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Hello! My name is Nathaniel Hoover, I am a staff writer for, and this is a video review/walkthrough/showoff video of the original Mega Man, which, if you were paying attention at the title screen, is Rockman. That’s because I’m playing the Japanese version. But, aside from the title screen and the name change, there’s […]

Let’s Play Shadow Man Ep. 3: An Irish Talking Snake with a Top Hat

>>RYAN: Hello, Internet people. Welcome back. We’re playing Shadow Man. Um, so far, I’m not sure if it is as good as people have said it is. [gunfire and monster weeping] There’s crying aliens screaming and blood. So that’s pretty cool. [gunfire and monster weeping]>>SHADOW MAN: Got it.>>RYAN: It’s wicked. I don’t have to aim. […]

Chennai on Teachers – Road Side Stories | Put Chutney

Lakshmi Teacher. Say Hi to Lakshmi Madam. English teacher was my eighth standard teacher. Teachers are supposed to be nation builders. But nobody bothers about that. People think that teaching is just another profession. A good teacher should be able to make the talkative students to study. Both of you have studied school and college, […]

PUBG, The Best Game Ever!? | A Critical Hit Documentary [HD]

Imagine yourself being forced into an airplane, and all you have on your clothes and a parachute. With you inside the plane, there are 99 strangers, all in the same position as you You fly over a locked-off area completely desolated You get forced to jump out of the aircraft and while falling through the […]


Hey guys, Alex here. Uh, I have not played a video game in well over a decade. I don’t know why, really. . . I guess I just figured my time would be better spent taking improv classes. . . I got a Journalism degree, I developed a web series that is currently in purgatory, […]


look at this look Daniel taking a piss that’s good that’s the worst way to die taking a piss and then get eaten by alligator that’s the worst way to go because when wife gives you C for you blow shit up Wow better say like why isn’t he fishing and finishing them off they […]


Hey guys, it’s Ro! I got some more requests from you guys to play more games, so that is exactly what we’re going to be doing today. I love crime solving shows, anything with mystery and detectives, and NCIS is one of my favorite shows, I’m currently watching season 14! And, I just found out […]

LIVE Blitz #3719 (Speed) Chess Game: vs IM Ashkeef in French: MacCutcheon, Chigorin variation

welcome to another MEGA exciting five minute autopairing oh no okay I don’t know – French defense transposition it’s a territory I am aware of … vaguely I thought this is okay for black this line Should I take immediately or?! Qb5+ Nc6 all right so he’s got a passed pawn on the cards hmm […]