Stick fight | The SNAKE-ENING

Hey she’ll this oh hey you’re shielded your shield it’s sugar-free Allen she’ll keep talking [Music] hey guys welcome back we’re playing steak fight again what up guys back from popular mud for this action-packed stick fight action you guys have no choices we’re about to play it anyway let’s do this action I have […]

FLIPGIRL 🚗 The Dangerous Road To Internet Fame | #CONTENTtvshow (ep1)

You got this, you got this. You look great, you look great. Uuuurrrgghh… I need to get my f**king teeth whitened. # Too much about our love. # Our love is not enough. # My boyfriend wants to talk. # You know I really think we’ve gotta go over a couple of things today. # […]

“NFL 2019” — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL

***You can turn these captions on and off using the CC button You know, back then I was a little baby Sweet and greasy You gotta love bread I know, you know there’s sandwich bread over there next to the coffee Oh yeah, I eat bread in the bathtub Okay,that’s gross to me There’s a […]

The SUPER DUPER Secret Lore of Dark Souls 1

Like a fifty year old hooker with hair extensions in her salt and pepper pubes, Dark souls’s plot has so many gaping holes, it’s a miracle that anyone can feel a thing while playing with it. Humans have an inate desire to know the unknowable, even it that means pulling theories out of their ass […]

Roblox: SINKING SHIP [Annoying Orange]

(playful electronic music) (laughter) – [Annoying Orange] Hey yo, it’s A to the O, back again with another gaming vide-yo! And we are back once again in Roblox, and we’re playing a game called The Sinking Ship! And we’re gonna play The Sinking Container Ship first. We’re gonna see what that is all about. Or […]

Snake Bites Eric’s Crotch | Cold-Blooded Trivia #1

Have you fed them recently? Fortunately, we fed them last week. Oh, thanks. Hey, guys. Welcome to a new Vat19 game. We have snake lover Brian Barczyk here to help us out. Our two contestants will lay in Plexiglas coffins and try to answer reptile-themed questions. For each wrong answer, Brian will add his slithery […]

TIME IS MY TRAIN: Spoken Word Poem : Tony Robinson OBE

TIME IS MY TRAIN Time is my train On my seat is a number My window gobbles Sights seen and forgotten Whoosh My number is passed on To the next passenger On the next trip People get ready Flying is faster On light nights In the summer time Dark winter nights Fear of falling and […]

Jijaji Chhat Per Hai – Ep 446 – Full Episode – 19th September, 2019

Elaichi.. – Yes. My stomach is paining. Do something please. Yes, please calm down.. If I put the mix of asafoetida and water on your stomach the pain will go away. Okay. – Whenever dad feels discomfort in this stomach, mom puts this.. Okay. – …along with the water. Elaichi, it created pressure in my […]

SML Movie: Bowser Junior’s Doll!

Chef Pee Pee: Mmm-mmm-mmm! Man, this smells delicious! (Splash) Chef Pee Pee: JUNIOR!!! Chef Pee Pee: Did you just throw that water balloon?! Bowser Junior: Uh, no. Chef Pee Pee: Well, who threw it, then? Bowser Junior: Uh… I don’t know. Chef Pee Pee: Look, Junior! If you throw another water balloon in this house, […]

Mystery Box Challenge: Snake Or Puppy

(puppy barking) – Alright, whatever animal is in my box, is it looking at my hand right now? (ominous thump)(upbeat music) – So today we’re gonna put our hands into boxes and one of the boxes has a puppy and one of the boxes has a snake. – I don’t know which is the reward. […]