What would you change about your body? | Keep it 100 | Cut

– [Interviewer] What would you change about your body? – My penis. I get a pizza stick or like– and I’m just like “Damn, if I can just be this long, I would be–it would just be a wrap”. Then I eat it, then I’m like, “Oh, this is what size I am.” (upbeat electronic […]

The Try Guys Play Beer Pong With Gross Drinks

– Watch the bows. – Watch the bows, dad, watch the bows, dad. (dramatic music) – Yes! – It’s like boba, but instead of boba, it’s pickles. – (groans) – (Whips) – Welcome to Weird Pong, the game where we play to see who has to drink what mysterious, gross liquid that is in all […]

Game-Based Learning | Part 7 of 10 – Simulation Card Games

David Chandross: Hello. Welcome back to Unplugged Gamification. We’re going to look at another kind of unplugged game that you can start using in your classroom. It’s very effective for teaching and learning. The first one we’d show you was the Territory Capture Map, which is useful for recalling information from prior lectures, and making […]

Club Sports Highlights: Table Tennis

When I think about table tennis, two things come to mind. The first is fast and the second is finesse. Table tennis is definitely super fun, and they play very intensely. But at the same time it’s very relaxing. And what draws people to table tennis is, really, anyone can play it. The whole team […]

Yale Graduate Takes The SAT As An Adult

-What the [bleep] is a radian!? Oh my god I have to read all this crap?! Here I am, a 30 year old man, walking into a high school. I placed last in my fantasy football league, and my punishment was to take the SATs. I feel like I just got rocked. The punishment kinda […]

ASAP Summer Institute

– We started off with that yes, no, opposite game and we went to the walk stop game we just did. Let’s talk about those two things. How were you feeling? What was happening? – [Student] I was confused. – You were confused. Excellent, that was my plan. (clapping) To confuse you. So you were […]


This is unbearable Hi Pepitoss! Today I’m going to answer a comment which says: “Ludovik, you’re a genius Middle school must’ve been easy as pie for you! Can you tell us about it?” I used to goof around at the time Wow, I sooo want to invite him to my party He’s gonna be sooo […]

Indian Tuition Class | Take 900 POV

Hello, dweebs! So Medhaa, Finished assignments uh? What do you think? (Pfft, what is that like 15 pages) Can I Borrow a pen? Thanks, da. Vikram, my mom was asking – did you pay the fees? 1661 Sweden. What? (What?) Quiet. You! Where were you yesterday? Sir my dog ate my homework, sir. What?! You […]