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welcome to pygame set the color Set the width and height of each snake segment Set initial speed

Codewars: Square(n) number (8 kyu) TDD in JavaScript

Hi! Welcome to Codewars. In this series I gonna solve TDD katas using javascript. I’m Anatol and you’re watching the Good Parts of the front-end development. If this is your first time here start now by subscribing. Let’s solve today kata titled “Square(n) Sum.” Complete the square sum method, so that it squares each number […]

Coding the Classic Game Snake in a Nut Shell (CC)!!!!

Hey Guys, i need your opinions on what i should create, Timelapses, Explaining the Code in a NutShell , Or completely Explaining it. Post your opinions in the comments please, ill read them all 😉 Also Post your ideas of classic games in the comments and ill (attempt) to create them 😀 Here’s 1 minute […]

Game: snake in C++ using WinLego engine

Hi guys, my name is Venia. Most recently, I wrote a small program on the winlego engine to demonstrate its capabilities, with a fairly small amount of code, we got a good toy. This engine was written in pure WinApi, and therefore our application will not be very complicated. WinLego is very easy to work […]

How to make a Snake Game in Notepad | how to program a Snake Game

Get the Code From Description

the AMAZING Strategy BIGGEST SNAKE 50,000 HIGHSCORE Strategy!

Hello guys we’ll be playing and I’ll be showing you my strategy, the strategy I think is the best and the strategy I used to get a highscore of 47,000 now don’t be alarmed by the length of this video I’m only going to be talking about the strategy for a minute or two […]

How the Inventor of the Rubik’s Cube Cracked His Own Code

(uptempo music) – [Narrator] There are 43 quintillion possible combinations. Now imagine you have no websites, no books and no one to show you how to solve it, because you invented it. But you didn’t invent the Rubik’s Cube. (enchanting music) This guy did. It was 1974. Thirty-year-old Erno Rubik was just beginning his career […]