Huge Teddy Bear Prank on Game Master Inc during Hide and Seek Challenge! (Daniel’s Twin Escapes)

Pokémon Card Opening 12 How many GX?

Hello my Hydelings and welcome to another pokemon card opening today we have five lost thunders so let’s go ahead and get started on the first pack and we start off with a green code there’s the code for you Sightseer, Kecleon, Net ball, Fire energy, Dustox, and a xerneas prism so that’s pretty nice […]

How to make PowerPoint Interactive Quiz Game | Points/Percentages | PPT VBA Macro Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to make an interactive quiz game using Powerpoint which can keep points using visual basic code so let us start The first thing which we need to do is – go to [slideshow] [Set Up Slide Show] and select [browsed at a kiosk]. For making this […]

Codenames – Playthrough

Hi! Welcome to Dibs On Blue. My name is Stephanie and this is my good friend Bethany. That’s her sign name. Bethany: Hi! Stephanie: My sign name is this. Ok so today we’re playing Codenames, but it’s just the two of us playing this, so, um it’s not a group setting so there’s different rules […]

Snake Game using Python | pygame | source code | codedeveloper | pygame development

welcome to pygame set the color Set the width and height of each snake segment Set initial speed

Codewars: Square(n) number (8 kyu) TDD in JavaScript

Hi! Welcome to Codewars. In this series I gonna solve TDD katas using javascript. I’m Anatol and you’re watching the Good Parts of the front-end development. If this is your first time here start now by subscribing. Let’s solve today kata titled “Square(n) Sum.” Complete the square sum method, so that it squares each number […]

Coding the Classic Game Snake in a Nut Shell (CC)!!!!

Hey Guys, i need your opinions on what i should create, Timelapses, Explaining the Code in a NutShell , Or completely Explaining it. Post your opinions in the comments please, ill read them all 😉 Also Post your ideas of classic games in the comments and ill (attempt) to create them 😀 Here’s 1 minute […]