Amazing Chess Game: Magnus Carlsen’s beautiful Queen Sacrifice game at age of 12! (

Morning all, I found a very interesting historical game of Magnus Carlsen when he was just 12 years old. It was in the Politiken cup of 2003, played in Copenhagen and his opponents was Hans K. Harestad. Okay so Magnus kicks off with e4 and Hans played e5 after Nf3, Nc6 we see Ruy Lopez, […]

Magnus Carlsen’s amazing Chess double bishop sacrifice Mikhail Tal like chess game at the age of 12!

Hi all. I have an absolutely amazing magnus carlsen game to show you when he was a child prodigy by my calculations at the time of this game he was twelve years six months and eight days old his opponent was Dennis Rylander a FIDE 2348 (rated) so strong FM standard magnus carlsen was 2356 […]