LIVE Blitz #3719 (Speed) Chess Game: vs IM Ashkeef in French: MacCutcheon, Chigorin variation

welcome to another MEGA exciting five minute autopairing oh no okay I don’t know – French defense transposition it’s a territory I am aware of … vaguely I thought this is okay for black this line Should I take immediately or?! Qb5+ Nc6 all right so he’s got a passed pawn on the cards hmm […]

Amazing Chess Game: Magnus Carlsen’s beautiful Queen Sacrifice game at age of 12! (

Morning all, I found a very interesting historical game of Magnus Carlsen when he was just 12 years old. It was in the Politiken cup of 2003, played in Copenhagen and his opponents was Hans K. Harestad. Okay so Magnus kicks off with e4 and Hans played e5 after Nf3, Nc6 we see Ruy Lopez, […]

Paul Morphy’s disputed Amazing Immortal Chess Game – Brief commentary #57 – London 1858

Morning all I’d like to show you a very interesting game this morning called the disputed immortal by some sources. It was played between Henry Edward Byrd and the great American genius Paul Morphy playing black. Paul Morphy was an American chess player considered to have been the greatest chess master of his era and […]

Bobby Fischer’s last round “must win” chess game with Mikhail Tal – Zurich 1959 – Final Round (15)

Morning all, on this Kings crusher channel we have seen many of the encounters of Tal against Fisher. In fact, with this game we will have a complete set. I’ll put it in a playlist and I’ll link the playlist from an embedded link within this video. This game is in the Zurich tournament of […]

LIVE Blitz #3722 (Speed) Chess Game: The Ultimate battle vs Grandmaster and Jedi Master

Welcome to another mega-exciting 5 minute autopairing – so he’s not committing to anything in particular just yet. Or is he going to commit to a Benoni structure later maybe I’ve got him wondering I’m hoping I’ve got him slightly on edge. Is he just transposing something he definitely knows?! Maybe Qa4 here – bit […]

How Garry Kasparov smashed the Queens Gambit Declined – Graz 1981 – Game vs Arne Duer

Morning all, I’d like to show you another amazing Garry Kasparov game. It was played in Graz, 1981. The Graz Tournament 1981 was a team championship, the third world under 26 team championship and Kasparov was approaching the age of 18 years old. He actually turned 18 during the event I believe. This was his […]

1.e4 Chess opening names ( … Improve menu .. Learn from Masters – Try it Out!)

This video is a brief overview of chess openings and their names. Hi all I’m going to do a slightly different video today it’s gonna be a very brief overview of 1.e4 opening names which is something I was thinking of but was prompted by someone on YouTube recently my message box so I’m really […]

Chess Openings: Tricks and Traps #12 – Queens Gambit Accepted Traps (

Queens Gambit Chess Opening Classic Trap Video.A very important set of Chess Traps to be aware of within the Queens Gambit. Morning all! I like to continue my series on chess traps by looking at a wealth of potential chess traps in what is known as the Queens gambit which is not really a gambit […]

Amazing Chess Game: Magnus Carlsen vs Levon Aronian : determination! : Sinquefield Cup (2013)

Morning all, let’s have a look at the amazing clash yesterday between Magnus Carlsen, Levon Arnoian in the last round of the Sinquefield cup. So, Magnus just needed a draw actually to win the tournament. So, he kicked off with e4 and Levon chose e5 where the classical Ruy Lopez, very familiar moves beats and […]

LIVE Blitz #3721 (Speed) Chess Game: White vs Assumpcaos in Van’t Kruijs opening

welcome to another mega exciting 5-minute autopairing so – we could get an advance here with e4 – I wouldn’t mind this so this is like reverse French defense with a tempo up which is a bit of fun here because this is such a logical plan to me – one of the most beautiful […]