Chessgame “King Hunt” Analysis : Edward Lasker vs George Alan Thomas (1912)

Hi, Assalamualaikum I will explain and analyze with you the game between Lasker against Thomas. This game is called as king Hunt so the game Start by d4. This is a queen pawn opening So usually if if someone play with this d4 pawn, the game will be slow and Positional play from both side. […]

Chess endgame | Rule of Opposition | King + Pawn Chess Ending | Explained through my own game

Hello friends! This is Anuj from Shatranj time. Today I am going to describe a game to you A game that I was a part of and it was a really nice game and what’s so interesting about the game was that there is one very important chess principle called as opposition that I utilized […]

Chess mates throughout history 4 (Steinitz, Chigorin, Tarrasch)

hello my name is Jovana and I made this video with my coach. Just remind you the main purpose of this video is to connect chess players from all over the world so if you want to be a part of caissas dreams send us a beautiful combination from your game I put our mail […]

Miniature Chessboard Tutorial – Part 1 | Dollhouse | How to Make 1:24 Scale DIY

Absurdly Small Chessboard Draw out the dimensions for the chessboard Cut out long strips that are 2 millimeters wide Cut out 2 squares: 1.) 16×16 millimeters 2.) 18×18 millimeters Take the 2 mm wide strips from earlier and cut into 2×2 mm squares I used Cherry and Mahogany stain to color the wood Place the […]

Chessboard (Short film, 2017)

A chess game is optic and plastic, a mechanized reality The pawns themselves are not beautiful, nor is the form of the game, But what is really beautiful, – if we are allowed to use the word beautiful- is the movement. They say that life is like a giant Chessboard And so, I decided to […]

Everquest Mysteries: The Chessboard

I love this giant chessboard! I don’t know how to start this I LOVE THIS GIANT CHESSBOARD! It’s so magical and mysterious; it is the epitome of everything I love about Everquest. Most people probably never gave too much thought to It’s origins, I bet most people just assumed the art team was bored and […]

Chess MADE EPIC – Things Made Epic

-Pickled fish. -Demonic alarm clock! -This is really random. -(yelling) Pickles! -You know what else is random? -(screaming) Urine! -Chess. (Epic intro music) (Epic intro music ends) -Initiate awesomeness enhancement! (Epic music begins) (Mechanical whoosh) (Heavy heartbeats) (Deep breathing) (Battle cry) (Boom) (Growling) -Argh! -(epically) Yes! (Explosion) (Deep, distorted roars) (Kaboom) (Sword slash) (Big boom) […]

Sounds of long nails on a chessboard

Today I will play my nails with chess Write in the comments, whether you like this game with nails I feel the board with my nails, tapping its edges Inside this box, chess figures Tuk-tuk-tuk figurines. Now someone is playing with you … What an interesting lock, and how interesting it sounds. Mmmmm …. I […]

Can a Chess Piece Explain Markov Chains? | Infinite Series

[MUSIC PLAYING] If you need to know the best counter to the queen’s gambit, you ask a chess grand master. If you need to figure out the average number of steps it would take before a randomly moving knight returns to its starting square, you ask a mathematician. Let’s make the problem more precise. Put […]