Khattarnaak Chess Trick [HINDI] Poison Pawn Trap | Best Chess Trick

Hello Guys! Today I will show you a chess trap in which you have to tempt your opponent with a Pawn and the moment he captures it, he will get trapped in our Trap! But you will only be able to play this trick, when you know all of its variations! that’s why make sure […]

Chess Opening Trick To Win Fast [Hindi] | Best Chess Trick

Dangerous Chess Trick [HINDI] Halosar Trap | Best Chess Trick

English Opening forces a FIDE Master to resign on | Twitch Chess Game

FM this time. All right. This time let’s play a little different. So 3 minute Chess is actually a good warm up, but you see guys you gotta play quickly and these guys are extremely fast. So my idea is to keep this as an option. This is called the English Opening. Or reverse dragon. […]

Giant Bullet Chess World Championship 2019: Game 3

Those who can’t play in the Grand Chess Tour add exercise to the game Making it even. Now I’m up 2-0. Game 3 right now. World Bullet Championship on the line Look at you, you sped up Don’t let him psych you out Dan! Move your knight from f6 I’m falling apart I moved my […]

Anish Giri vs Vassily Ivanchuk Chess Blitz Game 5


Leela beautifully redefines the boundaries of the exchange sacrifice concept vs Stockfish

Hi all. I have another very interesting encounter to show you today Stockfish against Leela – this is in the chess com Winter Classic final which is 10 minutes with a 10 second increment so let’s see what happened. e4 from Stockfish the opening book given to them is in the classic Giuoco piano so […]

Best chess trick(hindi) | Noah’s Ark Trap | Chess

Hello guys! In this video we look over Noah’s ark Trap We will play this trap with black pieces and trap White’s Bishop. To understand this trap watch this video till the end. So stay tuned and let’s go! (Thunder Sound) Game will start with white playing his E4 pawn In response we will play […]

Chess Strategy! Larsen Entombed His Opponent’s Pieces

Hello chess lovers. Suren here and I have a very interesting game for you played By Bent Larsen, against Axel Nielsen the game, was played at 1953 Nordic Championship. Larsen had white pieces and he started with 1.Nf3 Nf6 by Nielsen 2.c4 White goes for English opening 2…c5 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nc6 5.Nc3 d6 here […]