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Dangerous Chess Trick [HINDI] Halosar Trap | Best Chess Trick


CHESS Tactics #2 Malayalam Tips

– repositioning a position in a white in the position my white in Lingle quietly talking on solid Sajida and it told me in this one and item right and then by the token [Music] not anymore much like talking about him that you wanted like to take me to the baby I don’t want […]

Best chess trick(hindi) | Noah’s Ark Trap | Chess

Hello guys! In this video we look over Noah’s ark Trap We will play this trap with black pieces and trap White’s Bishop. To understand this trap watch this video till the end. So stay tuned and let’s go! (Thunder Sound) Game will start with white playing his E4 pawn In response we will play […]

Rustom Chess Trick (In HINDI) Best Chess tricks to win fast

Hello Guys! In this video we are going to see LEGAL CHESS TRAP. This trap was also played in Bollywood movie Rustom It was played by Akshay Kumar against Senior Inspector! In this chess trap White sacrifices queen to checkmate Black’s king. Because… What matters is winning.. even if it means sacrificing a Pawn or […]

Chess Trick to Win Fast [Hindi] Tennison Gambit | Best Chess Trick

Hello guys! Today I will show you trick with help of which you can capture your opponent’s queen in the opening moves itself and it will surely surprise your opponent and will be forced to resign the game. So let’s get started! (Thunder Sound) This trick is also known as Tennison Gambit and you will […]

Best Chess Trick (Hindi) Elephant Trap

Hello guys! In this video, we look at a tricky chess trap This trap is popularly known as ELEPHANT TRAP We will play it in Queen gambit declined opening with black pieces black pieces. To understand this trap do watch this video till end. So stay tuned and Lets Go! (Thunder Sound) Game will start […]