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Dangerous Chess Trick [HINDI] Halosar Trap | Best Chess Trick

Chess Traps #7: Queen Trap – French Defense: Fort Knox

Hi everyone, it’s Jerry. There’s an instructional queen trap out of the Fort Knox variation of the French Defense that is capable of catching even a Grandmaster opponent. I’m able to say this because I experienced that first hand. I had a Grandmaster opponent make an inaccuracy early on. I was aware of the trap, […]

Best chess trick(hindi) | Noah’s Ark Trap | Chess

Hello guys! In this video we look over Noah’s ark Trap We will play this trap with black pieces and trap White’s Bishop. To understand this trap watch this video till the end. So stay tuned and let’s go! (Thunder Sound) Game will start with white playing his E4 pawn In response we will play […]

Chess Traps #1: Noah’s Ark Trap – Ruy Lopez

Hi everyone, it’s Jerry. If you play the Ruy Lopez or find yourself on the defending side of it, the “Noah’s Ark Trap” is something for you to be aware of. It starts off after the moves e4, e5, knight f3, knight c6, bishop b5, a6, and bishop a4. With now d6 we’re entering the […]

Chess Trick to Win Fast [Hindi] Tennison Gambit | Best Chess Trick

Hello guys! Today I will show you trick with help of which you can capture your opponent’s queen in the opening moves itself and it will surely surprise your opponent and will be forced to resign the game. So let’s get started! (Thunder Sound) This trick is also known as Tennison Gambit and you will […]

Chess Traps #3: Lasker Trap – Albin Counter Gambit

Hi everyone, it’s Jerry. The Lasker Trap is a trap for black out of the Albin Counter Gambit. In it, white can easily fall victim to an extremely rare and devastating tactic involving a mere pawn. Let’s see how this black d-pawn in particular could turn out to be very deadly, and along the way […]

Chess Traps #2: Rubinstein Trap – Queen’s Gambit Declined

Hi everyone, it’s Jerry. The Rubinstein Trap is a trap for white out of the Queen’s Gambit Declined. How it works exactly is to have these three queenside pieces eventually converging on the c7 square. Here’s how it works. After d4, d5, c4, e6…the Queen’s Gambit Declined. We have now what follows, a group of […]

Chess Opening TRICK to Fool Your Opponent: Tennison Gambit – Strategy & Moves to Trap Black Queen

Hit the Subscribe button on this Channel and click the Bell icon to get instant updates from Chess Talk. Hello Friends, Welcome to Chess Talk! I’m Jeetendra Advani. In this video, I’m going to share with you a secret trick to trap your opponent’s queen. This is a gambit that you can play when your […]