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मज़ेदार Horse Chess Trick | Mortimer Trap | Best Chess Trick

Hello Guys! Today I’ll show you a chess trick which will help you capture opponent piece in the opening moves itself! And you will get ahead in the game from early! But you’ll be able to play it only, if you know it’s both Variations! That’s why watch this video till very end So let’s […]

Cách Suy Nghĩ Lựa Chọn Nước Đi Tối Ưu || Bí Quyết Chơi Cờ Vua || Playchess1vn

Welcome to playchess1vn The channel shares everything about chess from opening to middle game to end game traps, good games, chess tips and tricks are all on the channel So please subscribe to the channel to watch and upgrade your chess playing level up! Do any of you play chess randomly? Do you feel sad […]


hi my name is chessica, I love to play chess do you want me to teach you how to play it? First Im going to teach you how to checkmate the king , using a king & a QUEEN First ! you have to capture all the opponents pieces second, you have to boundary the […]

ख़तरनाक Chess Trick | Siberian Trap | Best Chess Trick

Hello Guy! Today I am going to show you a Chess Trick which was first played in 1987 in a tournament of Siberia By playing this trick you will surprise your opponent! But will only be able to do so, when you know all of it’s 3 variations! That’s why do watch it till end. […]

How to make CHEAP & HEAVY CHESS PIECES😃Philippines

hi hello good morning good chess to everybody its me again doc bernie. HAYOP NA DOKTOR Good morning to all of you. Do you have a problem on very light chess pieces that always falls down? In playing blitz or in panic time. what if we have a tight budget , but we want a […]

ये Chess Trick सीखो और अपने दोस्तों के होश उड़ा दो | Lasker Trap | Best Chess Trick

Hello Guy! Today I’ll show you a chess trick which has got his name from world’s great chess player, Emanuel Lasker. This chess trick will shock your opponents! But you would able to do it only when, you know its all three variations! That’s why make sure to watch this video till end. So let’s […]

battle chess game of kings

Solve This If YOU Are a GENIUS | Chess Challenge | Endgame Puzzle, Moves, Ideas, Strategy & Tactics

I came across this unique chess puzzle online which was composed by Ottó Bláthy in 1922. I found this very interesting so I thought of sharing it on our channel. You can learn some really important chess concepts from this game so make sure you watch this video till the end. Before I show you […]

How To Play Chess Like A Boss at the National Television

So we’ve got the white pieces and i will play the kings indian with white But lets make a small experiment first and start from the second 30 i understand it is a very intresting idea we should make the games more intresting ok you have 30 seconds, start so we’ll play like nothing has […]