Solve This If YOU Are a GENIUS | Chess Challenge | Endgame Puzzle, Moves, Ideas, Strategy & Tactics

I came across this unique chess puzzle online which was composed by Ottó Bláthy in 1922. I found this very interesting so I thought of sharing it on our channel. You can learn some really important chess concepts from this game so make sure you watch this video till the end. Before I show you […]

How To Play Chess Like A Boss at the National Television

So we’ve got the white pieces and i will play the kings indian with white But lets make a small experiment first and start from the second 30 i understand it is a very intresting idea we should make the games more intresting ok you have 30 seconds, start so we’ll play like nothing has […]

Child chess prodigy wins right to stay in UK

the family of a nine-year-old chess prodigy has won the right to stay in the UK due to his world-class talent last week Metro Cote UK reported that shreya soil who was just three years old when his father was offered a job in the UK would have to return to India when his dad’s […]

Khattarnaak Chess Trick [HINDI] Poison Pawn Trap | Best Chess Trick

Hello Guys! Today I will show you a chess trap in which you have to tempt your opponent with a Pawn and the moment he captures it, he will get trapped in our Trap! But you will only be able to play this trick, when you know all of its variations! that’s why make sure […]

Evan’s Gambit: Chess Opening Strategy, Tactics, Tricks, Traps & Ideas | Best Moves to Win Fast

This video is going to be all about the Evan’s Gambit, which is one of the most attacking chess openings for white. I will show you all the important ideas, strategies, tricks and traps in order to play this successfully. And plus, I also have a really interesting chess puzzle for you all. Let’s see […]

Chess Opening Trick To Win Fast [Hindi] | Best Chess Trick

Dangerous Chess Trick [HINDI] Halosar Trap | Best Chess Trick

World Champion’s technique | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user Xakka

So let’s go, I’m playing against an IM from… no an FM from Yemen. And we are off. Think I had this position in an earlier banter blitz in both white and black. In general, not the most critical way of playing against the fits but I guess that… little extra central control still counts […]

“Sorry dude, I’m not that slow, nor that weak!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user kleopl

Kleopl, maybe I played kleopl before? I did. Yeah that was a mistake. I don’t… I try in general to accept challenges from people I haven’t played before but I’m not going to abort the game. So here we go. e3 okay. The thing is if the right response is usually considered e6 then knight […]

Chess Opening TRICKS to WIN Fast: Sicilian Defense Traps, Best Moves, Ideas, Strategy & Tactics

An Amazing Chess opening trick to smash your opponent in just 7 moves. Coming up. Let’s start with the opening. We play e4, black plays c5, the Sicilian defense. Then knight f3 and pawn to d6. This is a very common opening played at the intermediate and grandmaster level. After this, we will play c3, […]