Board Games : About Backgammon Games

Hi, my name is Wendy Challey, from Games of Berkeley, and this is backgammon games. Backgammon games come in a variety of styles. The simplest is the one that’s just a cardboard board, and it’s played with checkers, as backgammon men, and the other side is usually a red and black checkerboard. You can often […]

Mouse Trap from Puzzle Master – Solution

This is going to be a solution video for the mouse trap puzzle by Puzzle Master. Now this is a level five difficulty. It’s quite an easy one really, and as always, if you are interested in this puzzle or any other puzzle for that matter, do check out Puzzle Master, that is to be […]

Cast O’Gear from Hanayama – Review

This is the Cast O’Gear manufactured by Hanayama. This is actually the prize winner from the first ever annual World Puzzle Design Competition all the way back in 2001 designed by the Dutch phenom himself, Oscar Van Deventer. Uh, so this puzzle here made up of these two pieces, both made of cast metal with […]

Jailbreak from Siebenstein-Spiele – Solution

Hello and welcome to Puzzle Master. This is the puzzle guy and in this video I will show you how to solve this beautiful Jailbreak puzzle created by Siebensteinspiele. As you can see, the puzzle is made of wood, acrylic and metal and the object of the puzzle is to remove the ring. Difficulty level […]

Board Games : About Novelty Chess Sets

Hi. My name is Windy Challey at Games of Berkeley. There are many novelty chess sets on the market. Some of them are based on fantasy characters. I have here a Shrek set. Also Peanuts. And there’s different sports teams, so baseball and football. Simpson sets. We also have large chess sets available. Here’s one […]

Board Games : About Medieval Chess Sets

Hi, my name is Windy Challey from Games of Berkeley. I have here two styles of medieval chess sets. The first is a wood cut version of the Isle of Louis chess set. The Isle of Louis chess set is an authentic replication of a chess set found in Ireland that dated to the eleven […]

Chess Grandmaster Explains โ€” GM Carlsen vs. GM Aronian (Tata ’12)

hi friends this is chemistry Marcus we adjustments come strongly believe that visitors of our page should get the best and what can be better a what can else can be best than the game between the world’s best player and world’s second-best player so in this video we will have a look at the […]

Board Games : About Travel Chess Sets

Hi, my name is Windy Chelley and this is Games of Berkeley. And this is about travel chess sets. Travel chess sets come in many sizes. There are two kinds. The smallest and most compact kind is a flat styled board. I have a small one here. The board is flat and so are the […]

Board Games : About Unique Chess Sets

Hi. My name is Windy Challey at Games of Berkeley. There are many unique chess sets out there on the market that can be fun to collect and they can be a good show piece for your game room or living room. They are made in many different styles. I have one here which is […]

Board Games : About High-End Chess Sets

Hi my name is Windy Challey, when picking out a high end chess set, there are several things that you want to consider. You need to know what size that you want. In general high end chess pieces are sold separate from boards. So if you have a board at home, you should know the […]