How to make CHEAP & HEAVY CHESS PIECES😃Philippines

hi hello good morning good chess to everybody its me again doc bernie. HAYOP NA DOKTOR Good morning to all of you. Do you have a problem on very light chess pieces that always falls down? In playing blitz or in panic time. what if we have a tight budget , but we want a […]

How to make chalk carving chess Bishop

Drop the chalk in water Remove the sharpener blade Carve the wet chalk as shown The bishop is ready Like and Subscribe to DIY Ocean

Chess for grandchildren – Parte 2^

Dopo avervi presentato, nella 1^ parte, re, regine e alfieri, passiamo agli altri pezzi Come sappiamo, uno screw chuck in legno è un ottimo modo di ancorare i pezzi al mandrino Si comincia a sagomare la torre con l’efficace supporto del jig che ci indica il raggiunto diametro La sgorbia a dettaglio è un ottimo […]

Nautical Chess Set: Making the Pawn

in this video I’m going to be making one of the pieces from my nautical chess set in this case it’ll be the pawn I made a few in the darker wood and I’m starting to make some of the lighter wood the darker woods cherry this is the 1 inch size so it’s actually […]

Chess for grandchildren – Parte1^

Ben ritrovati I nipotini crescono e il nonno premuroso provvede a fornire loro giochi educativi e intelligenti Per i 2 set di scacchi, Tony utilizza quadrelli di mogano e di paperbark Si cominciano a preparare le prese mandrino su ogni quadrello Utilizzando la presa appena formata, si ricavano i cilindri di partenza Un compasso ci […]

Making a chess Table part 2

now that I spent all that time on the chessboard I wanna make a nice table for it. For the border I’m using and 3″ cherry, mitred at the corners using pocket screws, I make sure to keep them back so I can clip the corners using 1/4″ thick walnut I make the trim for […]

Making a chess table part 1

It started as just an idea and then it turned into a plan making the chessboard I wanted something different, unique a one of a kind I rip 3/4″ maple and Walnut into 2 1/4″ strips I also rip 1/4″ maple and walnut into 2 1/4″ strips That’s been done before!! i cut all the […]

What Magic Is This?

Today… I might very well blow your mind! And my own? Possibly Jack’s. This is a very exiting moment here on unbox therapy because… Whenheard about this thing, this in front of me, you see it’sry… large. I responded immediately to the email. I was like “Send this thing to me!” Because what I have […]

How to make ‘King’ – chalk carving chess pieces

Remove the blade from the sharpener Dip the chalk in water Carve the chalk as shown The King from the chess set is ready Like and Subscribe to DIY Ocean

How to make chalk carving chess pieces

Dip the chalk in water Pawn Rook Knight Bishop Queen King Like and Subscribe to DIY Ocean