ये Chess Trick सीखो और अपने दोस्तों के होश उड़ा दो | Lasker Trap | Best Chess Trick

Hello Guy! Today I’ll show you a chess trick which has got his name from world’s great chess player, Emanuel Lasker. This chess trick will shock your opponents! But you would able to do it only when, you know its all three variations! That’s why make sure to watch this video till end. So let’s […]

Child chess prodigy wins right to stay in UK

the family of a nine-year-old chess prodigy has won the right to stay in the UK due to his world-class talent last week Metro Cote UK reported that shreya soil who was just three years old when his father was offered a job in the UK would have to return to India when his dad’s […]

Khattarnaak Chess Trick [HINDI] Poison Pawn Trap | Best Chess Trick

Hello Guys! Today I will show you a chess trap in which you have to tempt your opponent with a Pawn and the moment he captures it, he will get trapped in our Trap! But you will only be able to play this trick, when you know all of its variations! that’s why make sure […]

Chess Opening Trick To Win Fast [Hindi] | Best Chess Trick

Dangerous Chess Trick [HINDI] Halosar Trap | Best Chess Trick


CHESS Tactics #2 Malayalam Tips

– repositioning a position in a white in the position my white in Lingle quietly talking on solid Sajida and it told me in this one and item right and then by the token [Music] not anymore much like talking about him that you wanted like to take me to the baby I don’t want […]

English Opening forces a FIDE Master to resign on Chess.com | Twitch Chess Game

FM this time. All right. This time let’s play a little different. So 3 minute Chess is actually a good warm up, but you see guys you gotta play quickly and these guys are extremely fast. So my idea is to keep this as an option. This is called the English Opening. Or reverse dragon. […]

how to win chess in 4 moves

Hello friends today, I’m going to show you how to win chess in 4 moves in just only 4 moves you can win the game Ok, let’s start first move Open this and he will also follow the same because he need to open the Queen then second move Here We need to attack on […]

Checkmate in the opening #10: Chess history

Riga, Latvia 1970 Mikhail Tal is playing white The name of the black player is not known The French-Tarrasch opening … the closed variation Black strikes at the center to open it up Black strikes again but …. Mikhail needs his e5 pawn, so … … he offers up a sacrificial knight The queen begins […]