You Need To Know What This Grandmaster Taught Me – Kings Indian

Hey there my name’s Mikey Slice and this is episode 6 of Grandmaster Teaches Grasshopper and I’m startin’ right now. Knight c5. And you see our knight ends up on a beautiful outpost. Well kind of outpost. What do you mean kind of? We’re going to play a5 and secure that knight. If this is […]

You Need To Know What This Grandmaster Taught Me – Hyper Accelerated Dragon

Hey there my name is MikeySlice and this is episode 4 of Grandmaster Teaches Grasshopper, and I’m startin’ right now. Mikey, Mikey, Mikey! Tactics, tactics, tactics! He’s got no back rank support. If this is your first time here and you want to learn more about Chess make sure you subscribe and hit the bell […]

English Opening forces a FIDE Master to resign on | Twitch Chess Game

FM this time. All right. This time let’s play a little different. So 3 minute Chess is actually a good warm up, but you see guys you gotta play quickly and these guys are extremely fast. So my idea is to keep this as an option. This is called the English Opening. Or reverse dragon. […]