English Opening forces a FIDE Master to resign on Chess.com | Twitch Chess Game

FM this time. All right. This time let’s play a little different. So 3 minute Chess is actually a good warm up, but you see guys you gotta play quickly and these guys are extremely fast. So my idea is to keep this as an option. This is called the English Opening. Or reverse dragon. […]

Our guest – Chess Genius Paul Morphy! Two knights checkmate in the Evans Gambit!

Hello, friends Today our guest is the strongest chess player of nineteenth century Paul Charles Morphy Hello, Paul. What do you tell us today? Hello, dear chess fans First, I want to thank you for an invitation to such an interesting channel Well, today I would like to to show you one of my games, […]

how to win chess in 4 moves

Hello friends today, I’m going to show you how to win chess in 4 moves in just only 4 moves you can win the game Ok, let’s start first move Open this and he will also follow the same because he need to open the Queen then second move Here We need to attack on […]

Free Short Chess Lessons 4 – Knight or Bishop in Opening

Welcome to Caissa’s dreams chess channel. This is free short chess lesson number four Let’s start e4 e5 Nf3 d6 This is Philidor’s defense d4 and now key moment Black can develop his knight or his bishop normal and most common moves in this position are Nf6 and Nd7 developing the Knight first but in […]

Free Short Chess Lessons 2 – Knight or Bishop in Opening

this is free short chess lesson number two and we are still discussing do you need to develop your bishop or your knight first today we are starting with d4 pawn d5 c4 c6 Nf3 white decided to develop his Knight first and now it’s blacks turn and he made one mistake he played Bf5 […]

Grandmaster’s Secrets – second edition (Chess Course)

Hello everyone! I am Igor Smirnov, International Grandmaster and chess coach. Welcome to the “Grandmaster’s Secrets” – your guide on how to think and calculate during every stage of a chess game. All chess players want to improve and make progress. However, it’s not easy to figure out how to do this. Finding a good […]

Free Short Chess Lessons 3 – Knight or Bishop in Opening

this is third free short chess lesson and the main goal of this lesson is for you to be careful before you develop your bishop here is why this game is played with Capablanca and Reti against their coaches so let’s start e4 e5 Nf3 Nc6 for now both players are developing their knives Nc3 […]

The Shankland draw – Chess Pattern Recognition #13

Hello and welcome to another pattern recognition vidieo I am FIDE master Ingvar Johannesson I come from Iceland and Today you are going to learn about This pattern that I will call the Shankland draw and the reason for that is this pattern was Featured heavily in a recent game in high-level tournament were some […]

Corner Pawn Attack in Chess – Part 1

Hi guys, this is Grandmaster Levan Aroshdize and today, we’ll have another video lesson. Our theme is “Corner Pawn Attack”. This is a very famous, powerful and dangerous weapon in chess and it could be used in the different stages of the chess game. For example, starting from the opening without all pieces at the […]

A Machine or a Human – who will win? Computer Chess Game Video!

all We remember the movie of Stanley Kubrick “A Space Odyssey 2001 “, in which there is an episode where the main hero Astronaut Dave Bowman plays chess with Artificial intelligent computer HAL 9000 The computer won In the film in sharp tactical style. Chess game for the film was taken from tournament, which held […]