How to exploit your opponent’s bad piece?

Hello everyone! Let’s see a brilliant Capablanca’s win in this video. It’s a very typical game on topic “How to use opponent’s bad piece?”. The game was played in Hastings, 1919. Capablanca was Black against William Winter and let’s see what happened in the game. Well, game of four knights (opening). Bb5, Bb4, 0-0, 0-0 […]

Chess Middlegame Study #1 – Exploring Grandmaster Plans and Strategies

Hello everybody it’s jrobi, i’m going to be starting a new series with this video for chess middlegame planning strategy and attacks. It’s going to include examples of grandmaster level kingside attacks, queen side attacks, and taking advantage of uncastled kings like this game’s going to show. This game was played, I believe, just let […]

The Art of Planning in Chess

The chapter is called the art of planning. Sometimes you may be wondering how top grandmasters can analyze positions so far ahead. You may be seeing their analysis for 10-15 moves ahead and you don’t know why they select these moves and not something else and how can they calculated for such a long time […]

Avoiding Chess Opening Theory – G3 vs. The Scandinavian Defense

Hello everybody it’s Jrobi we’re going to take a look at a way to meet the Scandinavian today that doesn’t require a lot of opening memorization and, this is actually something that I’ve been using for the last couple years on my blitz games. Over the last couple of years while I haven’t been studying […]

Your Top Chess Questions, Answered – preview

Hi there! I’m Igor Smirnov, International Grandmaster and a chess coach. There is an interesting paradox about chess learning. Thousands of chess tutorials are easily accessible. These days, they are everywhere. Still, most of the chess players struggle to achieve an advance level. Why does this happen? What do you think? Simply put, those chess […]