LIVE Blitz #3728 (Speed) Chess Game: Black vs IM PrincePanic in French: advance variation

welcome to another very exciting 5-minute one surprise so Ron French right I will try with this system twist up not on that you can see I will try and get rid of these bitches if I can having lights e75 later you know my starts car as we can know about oklet’s this d5 […]

Highly Evolved Leela creates shockingly direct opposite castling game vs Stockfish | Pirc Defence

Hi all, I have been recommended another amazing game to show you today Leela (Neural Network) again Stockfish (The No.1 Alpha Beta style engine) – this was in the chess com blitz bonanza final – five minutes with a two second increment. The opening book given to both – Leela playing with the white pieces […]

The most heartbreaking chess game of the year! Garry Kasparov vs David Navara : St. Louis Rapid 2017

Hi all, let’s have a look at one of the more heartbreaking games of the recent St. Louis rapid events. I was rooting for Garry Kasparov and for me in fact this is one of the most heartbreaking games I’ve seen this year. Well even this year and last year I really wanted Kasparov return […]

Highly evolved Leela creates wonderfully rare intriguing strategic opportunity from Sicilian Najdorf

Hi all. There are several very exciting new Leela chess games being played at TCEC Season 15 the Premier Division. This is at a 90 minutes with 5 second increment. This game really caught my attention against Komodo chess engine a very fierce engine that knocked out the mighty Stockfish in the TCEC cup. In […]

Alpha Zero finds shockingly secret novelty in highly evolved Giuoco Piano vs Stockfish 8 – Game 9

Hi all. Let’s continue our look at the amazing set of games which were sent to me by Deepmind recently an amazing set of 20 games this is game 9 e4 from stockfish 8 alpha zero played e5 Nf3 knight c6 Bishop c4 and Bishop c5 so Giuoco piano a sort of “school kids opening” […]

Magnus Carlsen punishes materialism beautifully vs Karjakin to paralyse Alphazero & Kasparov style

Hi all. I have another absolutely fascinating magnus carlsen game show you this is in the Gashimov Memorial round 8 so Sergei Karjakin was playing white against Magnus Carlsen 1.e4 Magnus plays the Sicilian defense Knight f3 knight c6 we go into the Sicilian Sveshnikov variation so Knight f6 encourages Knight c3 and now black […]

LIVE Blitz #3725 (Speed) Chess Game vs 2487 Grandmaster Bochkarev (aka “Heffalump”)

Welcome to another mega-exciting 5-minute autopairing – so Bochkarev okay play sensibly for a change … I hope … I don’t want to release the tension either Maybe I should have maybe try to get his Bishop with Nh4 – I just realised I don’t think this is anything for white – if I tried […]

Highly Evolved Leela plays a wonderfully outrageous passed pawn campaign involving her own King

Hi all. I have an absolutely superb game to show you. This is to me my favorite game of the TCEC 2019 super finals so far. So it’s in rounds 36 Leela had just lost with the black pieces in round 35 in the highly topical Sicilian Najdorf. so we repeat the same opening with […]

How to solve and learn tactical patterns from Chess Puzzles: Puzzle Practice #80

Hi all – I thought we could do a puzzle from – Play menu… rated puzzles section .. so okay .. so the Play..Rated Puzzles section – will click start and let’s choose one which is a good rating on this has got a good rating 3.8 out 5 – alright … so it’s […]

Outrageous Artificial Intelligence: (Game 1) DeepMind’s AlphaZero crushes Stockfish Chess WC

Hi all. I have a very interesting game from the realms of computer chess to show – DeepMind which was the company that Google bought from Demis Hassabis who was actually by the way someone I knew from from school for a while who was himself a great chess enthusiast but he left Chess to […]