CHESS Tactics #2 Malayalam Tips

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America’s First Chess-Boxer to Compete in Amateur World Championship

Hey, my name is Matt Thomas, the founder of Brawl for a Cause and I have a really exciting announcement to share with you. On July 26-29th, I will be competing in the Chess-Boxing World Championship. Now let me explain a little bit of the rules of Chess-Boxing. Basically, what happens is – if you […]

What’s the Deal with Chess Boxing?

Pitched as the “ultimate sport”, chess boxing is – depending on who you ask – either a seamless blend of the cerebral and the physical or a joke that got kinda out of hand… Formally invented in the early 2000s, chess boxing is the brainchild of a Dutch artist Iepe Rubingh who has since recognised […]

Tabletop Games

*Morning Mood* Younger James *excessive screaming* I HATE YOUUUU! (bird: what the-!?) Ariana *also excessive screaming*: OH!?! WELL, NEXT TIME, DoN’t StEAL mY MoNOpOlY!!! Mom aka peacemaker: Ariana, give James your $200. You landed on his property. Ariana: NO, HE’S IN JAIL!>:( I’M NOT GONNA GIVE MONEY TO A CRIMINAL! (life lesson here kids) Younger […]