Grandmaster Chess Blunders #1: Can you spot the mistake?

Hello everybody it is jrobi. I wanted to do kind of a fun video series here, get it started off. I’m going to put these out here once in a while. And it is going to focus on trying to find the mistakes that Grandmasters have made in the past. And thankfully they make mistakes, […]

Our guest – Chess Genius Paul Morphy! Two knights checkmate in the Evans Gambit!

Hello, friends Today our guest is the strongest chess player of nineteenth century Paul Charles Morphy Hello, Paul. What do you tell us today? Hello, dear chess fans First, I want to thank you for an invitation to such an interesting channel Well, today I would like to to show you one of my games, […]

Checkmate in the opening #3: Chess history

We are in Rome, Italy. The year is 1619 Gioachino Greco is playing white An unknown player is playing black The rarely seen Owen’s Defense is played The fianchetto bishop is tempted by the rook Mistake #1: he goes for the rook Meanwhile back at the ranch … a nightmare scenario is unfolding The only […]

Chess wunderkind WESLEY SO and his tactics!

Wesley So is an American GM, but He was born and grew up in Philippines. He is a strongest chessplayer in the history of the Philippines. Wesley So is known as a chess Wunderkind. He won the title of GM in 2008 year of age fourteen. And this game was played in 2007 Here is […]

Chess traps in the opening Scotch game with the intermediate checks!

We continue to study Scotch Game and consider the interesting continuation on the fifth move. White moves Bc4 This move only looks like active but actually gives advantage for black much more profitable to play N:c6 and after b:c e5 Qe7, Qe2 Nd5, c4 with active playing In the game after Nf6 followed Bc4 and […]

A Machine or a Human – who will win? Computer Chess Game Video!

all We remember the movie of Stanley Kubrick “A Space Odyssey 2001 “, in which there is an episode where the main hero Astronaut Dave Bowman plays chess with Artificial intelligent computer HAL 9000 The computer won In the film in sharp tactical style. Chess game for the film was taken from tournament, which held […]


Hello, chess diagnostic here and welcome to complete chess strategy [part6] your thought process [I’m] really excited about the next two lessons because they really [tie] together all the previous lessons and information we learned so far As a recap we know from the previous lessons in the strategy course that in order to play […]

Chess: Vishy Anand appreciated the nobility of Baadur Jobava!

This chess game was played in the World Blitz Championship in the seventh round. Vishy Anand played White, Baadur Jobava played black. In The position on the screen White moved Bb2 black protect the knight with move c5, white played B:d4. c:d followed, Qb3 and it turns out, that Black can not defend the d5-pawn […]

Bobby Fisher’s Trap! or how to WIN in the chess game in 10 MOVES!

This blitz chess game Bobby Fischer and Reuben Fine played in New York in 1963. Philidor Defence. e4, e5 Nf3, d6 d4, Nd7 The strongest continuation here accepted e:d, N:d4 Nf6 The game Black played Nd7 and after Bc4 a short castling followed Be7 and d:e Black also takes e:d Here Fischer puts a trap […]

Magnus Carlsen was calming down Topalov after a chess game!

Let’s see the video. Carlsen asks Topalov: “Didn’t you see a win of peace? Topalov said:” What? ” Carlsen asks again: “You could win a peace on the 45th move. ” And then he explains how it could be happen. Let’s look at the board. The game played in 2014, the Sinquefield Cup. Carlsen played […]