It’s Friday the 13th and Mr Duncan is out and about with another live English lesson

hey there or should I say ‘hay there’ hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope you’re happy I’m not too bad I’m a little exhausted because I’m currently taking a walk in the countryside and I couldn’t resist saying […]

Speed Board Crossing The Padma River In Bangladesh | It’s Horrible | Bangladesh Express

Speed Board Crossing The Padma River In Bangladesh

Build Your Own Version of A Classic Javascript Snake Game

(repetitive whooshing sound) Hello everyone, in this video we’re gonna be building a snake clone, this is the classic snake game, we called this one Sheep Dog. So you can see, if click we herd the sheep, we move around the screen and every time we collect a sheep, the sheep will follow the sheep […]

Tom et Ludo – Le cadeau

I got you something! No? Seriously? So you remembered? Happy Birthday! Ahh, you rule! What’s this? Is it an Iphone? No, it’s an Xbox! Is it an Xbox ? I bet it’s an Xbox ! I bet it’s a… That’s cool! Ain’t it? No way. No seriously, where is my present? Well, that’s it, i […]