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✊✋✌️Rock Paper Scissors Play Machine DIY from cardboard

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What if chess players were composing music? (Chess Games)

I had this idea that music and mathematics are deeply linked one with another. What if the masterminds of the chess board were composing music? Mathematics in music is nothing new. Many composers were dealing with the question of how formulas and notes could be combined. In fact, there are many equations hidden or evident […]

Crokinole 2018 World Championship Final – Conrad v Slater

Connor Reinman: Hello and thanks for tuning into CrokinoleCentre It is down to the final and what a final it will be The 2018 World Championship is down to just two players Justin Slater on the right as you see him and John Conrad on the left These two players met in the final of […]

Is Your Brain Too Old For Video Games?

Today, 63% of U.S. households are home to someone who plays video games regularly. In the broadest sense most of us are “gamers” and “Let’s play” has become a national motto But since the early days of pinball machines and classic arcades, one thing has been crystal clear Some people are way better at this […]

National Premier Chess Championship 2015 Round 6 Highlights

Hello, this is International Master Valeri Lilov talking. And, I’d like to annotate now some very instructive that were played in the sixth round of the Indian National Premier Championship. Now, essentially we will begin with the game that was played between the Grandmasters, Venkatesh and Kunte that was pretty instructive. That was probably one […]

Incident on Chess Blitz Championship (to be continue)

Arbiter Latash: There was a pawn Player Fatyanova: According to the rules should be put first a pawn and then the queen. Arbiter Latash: Pawn should be put on the field transformation. What it is? – You put the queen and then withdraw pawn. You defeat. Player Severina: I played in official tournaments Arbiter Latash: […]

National Premier Chess Championship 2015 Round 10 Highlights

Hi! I’d like to begin with the observation of round ten with a few very interesting games to take a look at. And first, was the rising talent Praneeth Surya who is playing Black against Shyam Sundar. This game was incredibly interesting and it shows what really the energy of chess should be like. It […]

Reuben Fine – Logic and meaning of chess

How has chess influenced your logic? Leave a comment below! My bad about the clicking –

Amazing Chess Game: Bobby Fischer vs Boris Spassky 1972 Game 6 – Queens Gambit – Brilliancy!

Hi all, This is Fischer vs Spassky game six from the 1972 World championship match held in Reykjavík Iceland Fischer playing White shocked everyone in the World by playing c4 He had only on .. one or two occasions before played this move. One was a game against Polguavsky which ended up in a draw […]