Coding Challenge #31: Flappy Bird

Hello and welcome to a coding rainbow coding challenge. Today’s coding challenge I’m going to attempt to make a flappy bird clone which I admit it is kind of like a bit of a cliché probably at this point don’t know how many people have made flappy bird clone tutorial whatever’s on in the world […]

Monopoly Cash Grab with Real Money in Real Life! Winner Keeps the Cash!!!

What’s up guys welcome back to Trinity & Beyond We’re doing today’s family game night during the day and we’re doing it on the main channel Usually we do all those on the vlog Channel So if you guys want to see more of our game nights up there on the blog channel, we do […]

Gummy Food vs. Real Food Challenge! *EATING A SNAKE* Gross Real Food Candy Challenge

video with that with enough challenge video and today I am very scared because today I can’t you see it over to Logan the editor I said little thing love to give a little weight as Logan you can touch him he’s behind you and I said to my boy that’s it Logan I want […]

Leadership: Chess vs Checkers (#VEDA 7) | PalkaDots

11:41…jeeeez. I’m doing so many things, but it’s so fun. All right, so maybe I get this up before midnight. Maybe not. It might be a miracle if I do, but it’s shorter, it’s better, it’s faster. I was thinking about leadership today and teamwork and there’s a really good image from Dr. Tim Elmore’s […]

The Try Guys EXTREME Tie-Dye Challenge

(hedge trimmer whirring) – How’s the sound? – [All] Hi, we’re the Tie Guys! – I’m Ty. – I’m Tye with an E. – [Ned] I’m Rye Rye the Tie Dye. – And I’m Shy Guy, the Tie Dye Guy. (laughing) – [Keith] Making Tie Dye – [All] They’ll try it. ♪ The Tie Dyes […]

Can 4 Guys Beat A Blindfolded Chess Master? • The Try Guys: 4 Vs. 1

– This is probably the most intense Try Guys video we have ever done. – [Zach] So you’re a chess master, do you think you could beat any of us at chess? – I do. – Not that your cocky but you think you could beat all of us at chess at the same time? […]


Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Today I’m hanging out with my friend Justine! Justine: Hi! Ro: I love this girl! She’s so sweet! Justine: I love you! Ro: She’s one of my favorites! You guys, I’m gonna put her links down below Ro: go check ‘em out, go say hi to her, be like, hey […]

I Spent the Night in my Ex Girlfriends House & She had No Idea… (24 Hour Challenge)

I’m a stocker I wish keira was my real girlfriend I NEED HELP Now I live and will die alone I wish I had a life Guys she left me at home for the remainer of the week. Kara not cleaning up after yourself. I’m really not surprised guys. It doesn’t always she’s in here. […]

Last Thing on Our iPhone X!!!

So basically we have a jar full with different questions Like the last thing whatever on your phone and were going to have to answer them Okay, Okay so we are going to take turns picking the papers out And i just got a new phone case and pop socket and i loving it Like […]

Snake Bites Eric’s Crotch | Cold-Blooded Trivia #1

Have you fed them recently? Fortunately, we fed them last week. Oh, thanks. Hey, guys. Welcome to a new Vat19 game. We have snake lover Brian Barczyk here to help us out. Our two contestants will lay in Plexiglas coffins and try to answer reptile-themed questions. For each wrong answer, Brian will add his slithery […]