(Eng Sub) Documentary: Ma Long’s Table Tennis Story In Anshan

(Anshan) Ma Long · Anshan How many years has there been? Around 1993 or 1994. Sir, do you know where is the original sport school? Is it around the sports center? There are no sports center now. There are no sports center. The only remaining building is Angang Stadium. Then I am not sure about […]

How to make Snake Game in Notepad (Hindi/Urdu) 2017

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Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 2 : How to Develop a Chess Game

Development means getting your pieces out and into good positions. It is again something which primarily occurs during the opening phase of a game of chess and the concept is to quickly move your pieces towards the center square or the center squares. These would be the center squares and it is believed in chess […]

Power of centralised pieces in chess

Hello everyone! 🙂 Now in this video, I’ll show you some remarkable game played between Akiba Rubinstein. He played with White pieces, against Grigory Levenfish. It was played in Karlsbad, 1911. Rubinstein started with 1.d4 but after 1…e6 2.e4 d5, the game was switched to French Defense. Nc3, Nf6 and Bg5. Well, Be7 was Black’s […]

Amazing Chess Game : Bobby Fischer vs Mikhail Tal – 1959 – Sicilian Defence – Najdorf (B90)

Okay this game is Fischer versus Tal in the Candidates tournament of 1959 Fischer wasn’t quite ready for the likes of Tal at that time and it was an interesting game nevertheless and shows Tal’s fine attacking technique Tal was playing Black so Fischer played e4 against him and Tal played the Sicilian defence Now […]

Amazing Game: Chess Kids : Are kids getting stronger ?! How Ray Robson crushes Scandinavian Defence!

Hi all for my second video today i want to ask the question to you youtube audience Do you think the kids today are getting much stronger at chess ?! and why would that be ?! Do you think it is the availability of online databases, playing sites engines to practices against I don’t know […]