GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 21.02.2020

It’s Fat Thursday week! Not a lot going on this week but we have a powder sale this weekend and we’ll be hosting a viewing party for GWENT World Masters, which takes places in 3 weeks time. We’ll be hosting a viewing party in our Warsaw Headquarters and New Meta Bar on Sunday for GWENT […]

[Sub][Remind 26] Cardfight!! Vanguard Shinemon Arc – Arch-aider Malkuth-melekh

Meaning, you wish to perform the unit summoning experiment with Shinemon? For what reason, Tatsuya? You want to save your parents, don’t you? Tatsuya’s parents? Their names are on the register of those who died in the explosion at Yumigatake. Director, there’s something important that you’ve overlooked. If you fight Shinemon without that information, the […]

Funny and Lucky Moments | Shadowverse Compilation #102

New Hearthstone Monetization System. Who will become rich? (Our Experiment)

Hello my friends. My name is Bot Mathematician, and this is Holomancer. And of course, I am the Daring Reporter Dora. We are very glad to see you all again. The Year of the Dragon is drawing to a close. We will soon find out details about the new Hearthstone year as well as changes […]

[Sub][Remind 25] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation – The Night at Yumigatake

5 Years Ago Myoujin Laboratory I wondered what was up when you said you were quitting the Vanguard circuit, but I never imagined you were getting married! Is that a bad thing? No, I’m impressed. Young as you are, about to set foot into that graveyard of life… It takes real courage. Even graveyards are […]

Carbot – Hearthstone Battlegrounds – Keywords and New Cards

Hey guys it’s me your best friend! Welcome back to another Hearthstone Battleground. In this video we’re gonna talk about Keywords and new unique cards that are only found in Battlegrounds. First you want to make sure you understand all the Keywords from standard Hearthstone. Understanding these is key to making your army can work […]

[Sub][Remind 24] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation – The Real Opponent

Master… Vanguard really is fun. With just one unit, you became a powerhouse. Imagination can rewrite reality. So tell me what the true objective is, Master. Let’s go see Ryuzu. I’ll have him explain. Pop! Esuka…? It appears you’re just in time for the start of the experiment. If the unit summoning experiment succeeds, the […]

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 07.02.2020

Patch week is always packed will lots of cool stuff and this one is no exception! Lots of balance changes, new products, season of love and Season of the Wolf qualifiers! Lets jump right into it! Patch 5.1 launched this week and with it a lot of changes and reworks for existing cards! You can […]

A Viable Amulet Havencraft Deck by Aporro | Shadowverse

So in my last video on aggro blood I show you a video of me losing to amulet haven At that point I just think it’s funny because Amulet Haven is not meta or anything but then some of you guys mentioned it’s a list from a popular Japanese player named Aporo and after trying […]

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game – Midwinter Update Trailer | PS4

Here, here, children. Come closer. It’s midwinter time, and we have presents for you… …lots of them. Monsters, magic, witchers, more monsters. Yum yum. Hope you haven’t been too naughty this year. [LAUGHTER]