(Oblivion) (Wren, Ukedideka, Avramax3000, Eliraz Servi, King Samurex) (Relinquished Soul, Nekroz Card, SmashingDashing, Scubtierygo, Jaredjustscored) (YOUR EVERY ACTION HAS BROUGHT YOU CLOSER) (To Kiwi and ME) (When the time is up will you dance on the fallen as I watch?) (Or will your scratch marks join Kiwis, as you realise that Team Casual isn’t a […]

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AGE OF ARTISANS: Architects of the West Kingdom Expansion Board Game Review

hi everybody and welcome back to the nerd shelves my name is Michael and today I’m very excited because we are going to be looking at Age of Artisans it’s the expansion to one of my favourite games the Architects of the West Kingdom so let’s not waste any more time come join me at […]

AGO Halloween Board Game Rules

AGO Halloween board game extension offers a new way to use AGO Halloween cards. The goal of the game is to form straight lines of four or more chips the longer the straight line you form the more points you get. Deal seven cards and about twenty-five chips of a unique color to each player. […]

[Sub][Remind 31] Cardfight!! Vanguard Shinemon Arc – Three Idols?/Shin Nitta

Hello. I’m Shin Nitta. It’s very difficult to make TV anime. Case in point, we finished our story arc in last week’s episode, but still had one more episode scheduled. Still, no need to worry. Thinking this might happen, I prepared a special episode where I’m the main– Hold it right there! I, Shinemon Nitta, […]


Hi! Welcome to Jesterwood ASMR series! Today we will be playing “The Malaysian Dream” and this video is a NO TALKING ASMR *ps: we did not follow some of the rules, because it is not suitable for ASMR* Let’s start the game! Let’s invite our special guest today Each player have to have 5 cards […]


hi everybody and welcome back to the nerd shelves my name is Michael and today we are going to take a look at age of artisans the architects of the West Kingdom expansion so as you can see it’s still in shrink haven’t opened it yet so meet me at the table and let’s see […]

Yu-Gi-Oh! ● Schmirko VS Shadow Lord ✯ Real Life Duel Movie TRAILER (HD)

The wise man knows that one swallow doesn’t make a summer! Well well! So you are the guardian I’ve heard so much about. And what I want from you? Simple: One duel… and your soul! I will force you to a duel! Think carefully if you want to refuse! You don’t scare me with your […]

How to Play Pokemon Trading Card Game: for Newcomers

welcome this video is a starter’s guide to teach you how to play Pokemon the trading card game Pokemon the trading card game is a turn-based strategy game that uses collectible cards and probability to battle learning the basics is a breeze but before you learn how to play the game let’s go over some […]

[Sub][Remind 30] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation – A New Vanguard

Remind 30 A New Vanguard Rive Shindou Rive isn’t dead. I’m sure he’ll come back. It doesn’t feel real yet, but we have to face the facts. Nothing turned up at the site of Ryuzu Lab. At the very least, Rive Shindou’s body is nowhere to be found on Earth. Chrono doesn’t remember anything. That […]