Western Legends | Game the Game

(upbeat rock music) Hello and welcome to Game the Game. I’m your host Becca Scott and today we are playing Western Legends. Before I introduce you to my guests, let me show you how to play. We’re pannin’ for gold, arresting criminals and robbin’ folks. That’s right, it’s Western Legends from Colossal Games. (upbeat music) […]

Inside the Hypnotic Art of Card Juggling

(light upbeat music) – [Dan] It’s like a symphony of manipulating and spinning and flipping the cards in your hands. It’s like each move inspires the next and you’re not even thinking about it. The cards are dancing between the hands, they’re spinning around, they’re flipping over, they’re doing things you wouldn’t even expect them […]

Getting Customers – 09 | How To Make And Sell A Card Game | Matthew Boyle

Hi, my name’s Matthew Boyle from www.languagecardgames.com. Thank you so much for staying with us. This video series is about how to go from having no card game to selling your first game, and we’re coming to the end of the video series. So sad! But we’ve talked about, in the last video, how to […]

People Guess The Prices Of Pokemon Cards

– I used to collect Pokemon cards, until one day I went to an Asian wedding and some kid stole it all and that’s when I became an adult. (techno music) – I had Pokemon cards as a kid, but I just liked them for the pictures, I never played the game. – I spent […]

Cricket World Cup Kitty Party Card Game

Hello friends. Welcome to my channel, Gems of Games. Today, the air is filled with the aroma of cricket, We can say, it is the official cricket season. Where we are playing the World Cup And everybody is going gaga about it. Let us all get involved in this cricket madness. let us play a […]

Golf Solitaire Card Game : Golf Solitaire: Sample Hand: Part 1

Alright, let’s finish our sample hand of golf solitaire. We’ve started, but we haven’t gotten very far down the path because we had some un-playable cards. Let’s see what comes off next. There’s a five. Well my board is almost all odd and nothing I can play with a five. A ten, nothing to play, […]

War Card Game : War Card Game Rules: Breaking a Tie

So of course since we’re playing with a finite number of cards and they only have thirteen different values, it’s not uncommon for a war to come to a tie. So what do you do? Well, what you do goes like this. We’ve each thrown out an ace. You threw out the prettiest card in […]

Series Finale – 11 | How To Make And Sell A Card Game | Matthew Boyle

Hi, everybody. Thank you so much for watching this video series. It was an honor and a pleasure to produce it for you, and I hope you got some value from it. Even though the time is brief, I hope we hit upon a lot of important points and provided a basic outline for you. […]

How To Play: Sushi Go! Card Game – with Hussain and Tahera

Hello Friends. This is Hussain Ra, and today I am here with my wife Tahera Hussain. [Tahera] Hello Friends! Today we are going to play a two-player version of the game Sushi Go!. Previously I gave a review on that and I did the unboxing of the game, for which I received very positive reviews […]